Pictures from Germany, slowly but surely!

I’ve started to post pictures from Germany on my Flickr page.

Stretching flowers

Walking along a Rothenburg ob der Tauber road

Window bar vines

These are just the first few; I’ll keep posting more bit by bit, so keep checking back! (:

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5 Responses to “Pictures from Germany, slowly but surely!”

  1. Very nice picture Garret. You’ve got a good eye for capturing the moment. The flowers are great, the landscape is one I want to mountain bike through and the windows….meh, they made me think or something 🙂

  2. - says:

    Great shots, but we want more pics 😉

  3. Matt Michie says:

    Hey Garrett, found the following poster while surfing, thought you’d be amused:

  4. hollywoood says:

    cool pics try to put more soon

  5. Ted Anderer says:

    beautigul shots. We are planning a second trip to Germany (have done the North). One decision to make is whether to stage ourselves for several nights in Rothenburg or Nuremburg. What do you recommend? Ted

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