On track…

Riding on a train in the US (Amtrak) is actually quite similar to riding trains in Germany. The big difference is people speak in English on the intercoms.

As I was writing that last sentence (during my layover), the someone made an announcement in Spanish. What timing! (:


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  1. But, but… they speak English (not exclusively of course) on the intercoms here in Germany too. Or rather they try, which often ends up funny 🙂

  2. Michael Banck says:

    I think they started (trying) to talk english for the FIFA world cup in June/July and apparently continued doing so, considering a success.

  3. Johannes says:

    The usually speak English if they announce more important stations like Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, etc. Since the world cup they do it more often.

    Anyway, trains in Germany are at least faster as Amtrak 😉

  4. Tobias says:

    I’m pretty sure they had bilingual messages before the world cup at least on ICEs and ICs. If only it weren’t so heavily learned by rote: “Änd wie wisch ju e plesnt dschörni”. They are even more stiff than German flight attendants

  5. garrett says:

    The first train maxed out at 110 mph (177 kph), the second only got up to 80 mph (128 kph) — but too often was stopped or going 30 mph (48 kph).

    (My GPS came in handy…)

    The first train was speedy and nice, the second was a bit annoying at times.

  6. Hylke says:

    Don’t ever expect germans to speak english, they will blame people in an ancient african tribe too not speaking german! 😀

  7. Martin says:

    @Hylke: What a stupid comment. I do not know where you got this information from but you do millions of Germans injustice.

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