Real-life Firefox

To Celebrate the arrival of Firefox 2.0, I’m presenting a photo I took of the real-life Firefox.

Congratulations, Firefox team!

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6 Responses to “Real-life Firefox”

  1. Peter says:

    Squee! It’s so adorable! ^_^

  2. DaveFX says:

    Sorry, but that is a fox (without the Fire).
    The real Firefox can be seen at:
    as it is the red panda, also known as firefox

  3. thebluesgnr says:


    Now, do you also have one of a weasel for the Debian guys? 🙂

  4. Hylke says:

    Beautiful colors! Using it as my wallpaper,

  5. garrett says:

    DaveFX: Yeah, I know a real firefox is actually a red panda. The Firefox logo itself isn’t a Firefox, but a fox that’s on fire.

    In fact, the Wikipedia page I linked to also stated, “…’fire fox’, a name which can refer both to the red fox and the Red Panda”.

    Since the picture resembled the application’s icon (which is actually a fox and not a red panda), and the term “fire fox” can also actually refer to a red fox (according to Wikipedia, at least), I simply left it without explanation in my blog post.

    Thanks for mentioning the red panda, however. It’s one of my favorite animals (long before the browser came out), and it’s always fun to see more pictures of the animal.

  6. Murray Robertson says:

    I like your “FireFox” photo. Very kool. (I make photographs too. They seel in art galleries.)

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