The new Tango theme and all of its derivatives (all updated for Firefox 2.0) are now available on the official Mozilla addons site.

Installing is now easier, and the themes should now auto-update as well. Just click an image below (for the theme you want) and then click on install. You can install any or all of them too (they’re parallel-installable).

Tango theme for Firefox GNOME icon theme for Firefox
Tangerine theme for Firefox Industrial (old GNOME icon theme, basically) theme for Firefox

Also, I’d like to thank all the people in #tango who helped me refine the themes, as well as all the icon designers who made them all possible (many are the same people, and I’m one too). In no particular order (and hopefully I don’t miss too many people *g*): infernux, nico, sgarrity, dobey, tigert, jimmac, andreasn, Novell, and all the rest… (;