In my quest for a Wii, I tried:

  • pre-ordering at different stores and websites
  • the whole notify-me-by-email thing when their pre-orders started (and they totally dropped the ball by not sending email)
  • waiting in line in the cold for a while
  • visiting a decent number of stores yesterday and this morning

Nothing worked.

I discovered that my brother waited in line at Best Buy at launch time and got one. He and his roomate both bought one, in fact. As they don’t need two in the same place, he was planning on selling his on eBay. I phoned him and asked if he wouldn’t mind selling it to me instead. He was glad to do so.

So, when we meet up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, I’ll have my very own Wii! It’ll be two days of great time together with wonderful food, infused with fun Wii action for the entire family. (Wii Sports / Raving Rabbids)

Thanks, bro!

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8 Responses to “Awiisome”

  1. fraggle says:

    Pre-ordering didn’t work? How come?

  2. garrett says:

    Pre-ordering didn’t work because every time I tried, I was beat out by others and the queues were full. I was late by mere minutes in a few instances.

  3. zebulon says:

    Your brother should offer it to you šŸ˜€ You’d have a good reason to thank him then!

  4. garrett says:

    zebulon: My brother is selling it to me, that’s why I’m thanking him. (:

  5. zebulon says:

    But I said “offer”, not “sell” (everybody can dream, after all!) šŸ˜‰

  6. zebulon says:

    So, now you’ve finally tried it, what do you think?

  7. andy fitzsimon says:

    garret.. my wii number is 3414 9770 9745 3289

  8. conker says:

    hey garret,
    my number is:7857-0363-1944-8620. Could register me? And any one who wants to can.

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