The Wii help cat

Jakub pointed me to a page describing the “Wii help cat”.

The Wii help cat is such a crazy cool concept that, upon learing about it, just had to fire up my Wii and poke around the photo channel.

While playing around in the channel, listening to the fun music, I noticed my own cat watching at the screen with a serious, inquisitive stare. Strangely enough, Dusty actually does looks quite a bit like the Wii help cat. My little kitten doesn’t give helpful advice, though. She only asks me to feed her with a little “meow”.

I suppose cats and Nintendo Wii naturally go well together.

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9 Responses to “The Wii help cat”

  1. hbons says:

    Shall we share Wii codes? We can play Mario Kart when it comes out (i’m sure it will) and maybe mix Mii’s. 🙂
    Wii code: 8765 2882 2171 2035

  2. chibiace says:

    wiiii! i got mine yesterday, quite addicted so far. thanks for the help!

  3. jhon says:

    my wii wont connect to the internet

  4. scarlett says:

    i have a questis afteron how do u connect to play with other player u put in their code

  5. Noneya says:

    Wat are codes and how do u use them on wiis?

  6. effigy says:

    how do u get other peoples Miis on your miiparade? ive done what it said i turned on wiiconect24,i turned on mingle,i turned on travel,and so did my pal?so whats else am i sposed to do????

  7. effigy says:

    my wii code is 8158 9524 8839 4730 add me 😀

  8. Jay says:

    yo hbons I got yo wii code but I cant talk to u or play wii sports with u

  9. Jay says:

    how do u add friends??

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