My Wii number

Since it takes two people entering each other’s Wii numbers to actually make anything work, I’m posting my Wii number here:

4242 5312 6182 8000

If you and I know each other, post a comment — or blog entry on your own blog — with yours. (Of course, you could just email or IM it too.)


438 Responses to “My Wii number”

  1. Andy Fitzsimon says:

    3414 9770 9745 3289 😉

  2. garrett says:

    Andy, you’re added. *g* I wonder how long this takes to sync up…

  3. hbons says:

    Added Garrett and Andy, my number is a few posts back if you haven’t already added. 🙂

  4. garrett says:

    hbons: You’re now added to my Wii too.

    I still don’t see either of you as active in my address book though…

  5. cdnmagic says:

    Hello…here’s my Wii number: 2139 5590 4427 2105.

    Send me yours.

  6. stix says:

    were do i find my wii nuber?

  7. krpork says:

    my wii number is 8251 4186 0445 7971

  8. king j says:

    mine is 0422 1578 5208 1831

  9. king j says:

    Beware my Plaza Cops, in a Mii Parade

  10. Ken says:

    Hi Garrett,

    My Wii number is: 6824 1791 9517 8626

  11. king j says:

    geez, someone enter my code! 🙁 *prepares to throw remote at tv on which, with the help of the wii he is surfing the net on*

  12. stink says:

    my wii number is 3056592711782065

  13. stink says:

    anyone who adds my wii number, post yours so i can add it

  14. racoonboy says:

    iv put in everyones wii number above so if u want a wii friend put in my number which is 5847 1263 7951 3468 and il check daily for numbers below so every1 who leaves a number put mine in ur wii thanks

  15. racoonboy says:

    i added u 2 my wii stink so add me please mate

  16. Soki says:

    hey y’all How-die PLEASE add me wii
    its 4693 4013 5934 7499

  17. Treekiller says:

    my wii number is 3289 7193 7586 3405

  18. chris5 says:

    i added most of you HERE is my wii number 0030 7803 3295 7186

  19. chris5 says:

    guys i added most of you. But i still cannot message you guys so how does it work do i wait until you guys add me or what? Also, does anyone elses wii freeze like mine. I hate when it does that because i cannot turn it off and i must unplug it again. That is horrible. So anyways get back to me on how we message or how it works

  20. HBear says:

    My “Wii” number 5320122752225230

  21. nathan says:

    hey how do u get ur number? i used to know how and now i dont no where myy number is???

  22. chris5 says:

    yo nathan you go to your wii message boar and look at addresses and go to the first page (scroll to left). that should be it

  23. onx says:

    my wii number is 0965-3485-7349-8912. tell me if you add me, i’ll add you!

  24. burnz says:

    my wii no. is 1090607939264087 if u will allow

  25. burnz says:

    added u onx and u garrett

  26. onx says:

    added you burnz

  27. micah says:

    Mine is 8343 0358 6043 8887

  28. whiler says:

    mine is

    6326 4962 6942 6566 has lots of wii numbers got loads of people off there

    hope this helps

  29. ST says:

    hey everyone, add my wi number its :

    4369 3680 8849 3700

  30. mr. doctor says:

    I have a question, can someone without a wii email someone with a wii? like, if i have a email, how would I go about emailing someone with a wii adress?

  31. Jon says:

    Mine: 4754 2658 7771 2628

  32. LI Wii says:

    Hi Garrett,

    You can also post your Wii Number at:

  33. Evan says:

    yo with the wii numbers can you play against other people???

  34. pig says:


    hopefully i’ll get round soon to adding everybody above me!

  35. alex says:

    Hi guys, mine is: 0382 6297 9160 0164, how can we know if we were added by someone?

  36. alex says:

    pig, i’ve added you, please add my wii and send me something, pls 🙂

    0382 6297 9160 0164

  37. ayrton says:

    alex i added you add me too
    0642 0973 5594 3472

  38. mat says:


    nice layout here! i’m guilty of smashing my own blog up with garbage. info overload is the name of the game 🙂

    it’s funny to see your south of the border pic. every time i drive up and down the east coast i buy fireworks at that giant store there and blow them off when i get back to orlando.

    my wii # is 2207 8173 4891 8992

  39. michael sherwin says:

    3382-7784-3227-8111. I may not know you but I am doing experiment that could very well prove that friend codes don’t minors from online predators. if you wish participate in this experiment please my wii number.

  40. Kat says:

    Kat’s number is 4798-2165-8001-8115

  41. Kat says:

    kat add everybody…yay

  42. ayrton says:

    add me
    say on the blog if youve added me 0642 0973 5594 3472

  43. galinhas says:

    HI my number is : 4881 8126 1551 1918

  44. Armon says:

    wuddup ppl. im lookin forward to makin new friends n playin smash against them when it comes out!


    ps: plz send asl

  45. Matt says:

    My wii number is 0127 4874 2713 4386

  46. Konrad says:

    My Wii number is 2034 7333 8807 4988

  47. Sch33tz says:

    Guys my Wii Number is 5671 1914 6638 5209 Please add me. Let me know when you add me, Ill add you back. Thanks.


  48. Sch33tz says:

    Ill add you as soon as you let me know. I’ve been trying to do this forever. THank god for whoever made this site. Add me right away.

  49. Dina says:

    My Wii number is : 4609-1290-3419-8568, add me!! 😛

  50. Dina says:

    added most of you, so add me to plz ^^

  51. Sch33tz says:

    Dina did you add me?

  52. Sch33tz says:

    If you added me, say my name in your post so I know to add you.

  53. Sch33tz says:

    C’mon guys, I need friends for my Mii’s!

  54. Sch33tz says:

    My system name is just Scheetz. So add the number and the nickname Scheetz. Tell me if I’m added. I’ll add you.

  55. Sch33tz says:

    Can you plug an iPod into Wii? Is that possible? If so let me know how, right now it’s in the USB port.

  56. trent says:

    hey i’ll add you guys

  57. MattSpeed says:

    Hey guys add my wii!!! i want to have a giant parade haha!!

    Heres my Wii Number

  58. Daniel says:

    add me! here’s my number: 6495-8412-9343-0577

    lookin forward to c ur messages!

  59. Daniel says:

    ok, now i’ve added everyone up to january 10th! add me!! my number’s above!

  60. Daniel says:

    sorry i forgot… Matt i think ur number’s wrong…. couldn’t add you mate

  61. Daniel says:

    now i’ve added EVERYONE on this list! add me!

  62. Sch33tz says:

    Daniel, why can’t I message you?

  63. Sch33tz says:

    Matt and Daniel add me.

  64. Daniel says:

    i’ve already added you man…. double-checked too…you sure you got my number right? 6495841293430577 keep tryin’!

  65. Sch33tz says:

    Turn your Wii on.

  66. Sch33tz says:

    Everyone add me. Tell me if you added me so I can add you.

  67. Sch33tz says:

    Im lookin at Chino and Daniluv right now. Haha I sent you my Mii

  68. Daniel says:

    Sch33tz already sent you 4 messages man!!!! turned my wii on as you said.. nothing!!!

  69. Daniel says:

    okiday…gonna check right away!!! forget last message then

  70. Sch33tz says:

    Yo, I dunno how to play internet. BUt I sent you my Mii.

  71. Daniel says:

    ya, already saw it, do you have more?

  72. Sch33tz says:

    I hafta learn how to set up online gaming. Right now Im bowling.

  73. Sch33tz says:

    I have my whole family, but they’re lame. I just sent you mine.

  74. Sch33tz says:

    If you got Sports, are you pro in anything?

  75. Daniel says:

    lol na man, don’t play sports much… are u a pro? what else you got?

  76. Daniel says:

    Everyone add me please!!!!

  77. Sch33tz says:

    I got Twilight Princess, COD 3 Sports, Splinter Cell and my sister got SpongeBob

  78. Sch33tz says:

    I put songs on an Sd card and put the SD into my Wii. Why won’t the songs play?

  79. Daniel says:

    you can only play your songs as a sountrack for a slideshow on the photo channel

  80. Daniel says:

    hey sch33tz how many wiifriends you have?

  81. Sch33tz says:

    1. You. Nobody else added me.

  82. Daniel says:

    seems only we use this man… c’mon everybody where are you???????????

  83. Armon says:

    k i havent got n e messages yet so idk wuts goin on but ima try to add everyone myself. but n e ways the games i got r twilight princess, wii sports and trauma center. and is news channel even workin yet cuz it dont work on mine. but just in case, here is my wii number again……………..0274-8705-3858-7874

  84. Will says:

    Here is mine: 1836 1274 2301 6742

    if you add me please email mii and I will gladly add you

  85. Daniel says:

    news channel will be available on january 27th (2 weeks from now) i’ve already added you armon (as i did with everyone else) remember it doesn’t work unless we add each other, people!

  86. Daniel says:

    armon make sure da email i sent you does not go 2 ur junk email… im

  87. pig says:

    ive added almost everyone now. i’ll do the rest tomorrow.

  88. Joe says:

    i have added everyone on this site up until post # 88 on January 13th, 2007 at 8:06 pm please add me

    wii number: 4435 4064 3193 2170

  89. pig says:

    i finished adding everybody!

    not very many others are appearing active on my list yet though :/

  90. Joe says:

    remember, i added everyone and only pig added me back!
    wii number: 4435 4064 3193 2170

  91. Joe says:

    p.s. wii numbers 1714 1315 1166 190 is missing the last number there’s supposed to be 16 numbers not 15 and number 0127 4874 2713 4386 you just didnt work. sorry i didnt take down names! XP

  92. Daniel says:

    just added joe

  93. Dirk says:

    Well hello there!

    My Code is 4208-9060-9712-2846 meat you in the snowbubble.

  94. Joe says:

    just added Dirk

    wii number: 4435 4064 3193 2170

  95. Joe says:

    i just found out that if you add a person on your wii and its an email adress, you can simply reply using that email adress by emailing w(persons wii number) pretty cool i know

  96. chris dafler says:

    1435 9025 0608 6105 this is mine thanx


    just added joe to see if it works well add more latter

  97. Daniel says:

    just added dirk and chris! now you guys add me! 6495-8412-9343-0577 believe me, it works chris!

  98. Joe says:

    just added chris try it out itll be working in like a few minutes

    wii number: 4435 4064 3193 2170

  99. Lorgin says:

    Please add me, to your wii :-P.

    0194 1519 9688 6869

  100. FaceLeg says:

    FaceLeg (New Zealand)

    1730 5269 2789 2306

    Nintendo saved gaming (from lameness).

  101. FaceLeg says:

    Just finshed adding all those above me on the list.

    The following Nicknames’ Wii numbers didn’t work:


    Other than that, you have been added.

  102. Tyler says:

    Hey everyone, my wii number is
    7602 0163 2807 2985

  103. FaceLeg says:

    …and I will eagerly await the day when my sparkling new contacts emerge from the placental sack of inactivity into the harsh, but forgiving, world of…activity.

    …that was a hint…

    …I couldn’t bribe you with my abundance of Mii’s?…


  104. Tyler says:

    Just add Faceleg

  105. FaceLeg says:



  106. Andzej says:

    hi. if anybody wants to add me then just email me your wii number 🙂 because im not always cheking this site 🙂 im 16yo male my wii number 0149 5118 8527 0727. email me at

  107. Jackass says:

    0050 5733 8766 5255 ;D

  108. Daniel says:

    Just added you faceleg

  109. dede says:

    my wii number is 0921-2854-3026-3433 add me and send me some more numbers

  110. dede says:

    if you added me email me your wii number at

  111. Daniel says:

    added you dede, add me now

  112. Daniel says:

    You too andzej

  113. FaceLeg says:

    Thanks to everyone who has added me so quickly!

    To the others: Add!

    I will start deleting inert contacts in a week or so.


  114. Andzej says:

    i added you dede add me now 😉

  115. Tyler says:

    I added dede and Daniel, add me now

  116. FaceLeg says:

    Here people, check this out:

    Enter your location details, your nickname and you Wii number, and link up with Wiiowners near you!

    There are only 33 in New Zealand 🙁

    Other than that, like I said: I have added everyone on the list, so please add me.


  117. Daniel says:

    added you back tyler

  118. pig says:

    the only 2 people who seem to have added me and have actually been able to make contact with me are daniel and joe. can the rest of you try again or something?

  119. FaceLeg says:

    I’ll try again when I get home, Pig.

    Make sure you’ve added me.

  120. Daniel says:

    gonna start deleting! need space for peopl who actually add me… everyone up 2 post 25 can forget bout me if they didn’t add me before… those of u still interested here it is: 6495-8412-9343-0577 tnx!

  121. FaceLeg says:

    Pig – I have double checked, I added you correctly. Check that you have posted the correct Wii number.

    Other than that, who knows. Maybe you haven’t added me yet?


  122. JammerML says:

    My Wii number 0980 7392 8688 0173.

    Garrett and Andy are Added, I am adding more….

  123. JammerML says:

    just added Dirk and Faceleg as well.

  124. Tyler says:

    If you add me send me your wii number to my e-mail at and I’ll add you back.

  125. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    hey i added jammerML add me or u will regret it my number is…

  126. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    …………………….gettin it

  127. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    ………………………………………almost got it

  128. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    ……………………………………………………………… a couple more seconds now

  129. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….so so close

  130. Noo Noo NIGHTMARE says:

    got it

  131. Daniel says:

    did u add me jammer?

  132. Kat says:

    i added everybody from 29 to 1

  133. bryan says:

    0222-7401-3815-9778 =) thanks 🙂

  134. Chris says:

    Hey, noone I know has a wii, so I thought I would post mine to see if anyone would care to add me. It’s 8787-2388-6005-0288

  135. ZEPPEX says:

    hey my people, my Wii numbah iz 1556-8012-3853-5996

  136. ZEPPEX says:

    added dina and aryton…. please register me i check this site nightley

  137. jpwii says:

    hi, my Wii number is 3414 9770 9748 6032, add it!!!

  138. ZEPPEX says:

    add me jpwii please i`ll add you

  139. anthony says:

    i dont know you but it will be cool to exchange miis – 1301 8141 6397 6137

  140. ZEPPEX says:

    added jpwii and anthony …please add me my number is a few spaces above

  141. mar says:

    Faceleg is right, this is silly, just use sites like or miiplaza or the other ones out there.

  142. Andzej says:

    JammerML i added you.. add me now 😉

  143. Andzej says:

    0149 5118 8527 0727 thats my number 😀

  144. jay says:

    my wii number is 3056 5490 5751 5147 everyone add me

  145. Matt says:

    my number is 8938 9741 4903 8012

  146. Armon says:

    i added almost everyone at the beginning and the only person that added me back(and that i can talk to) is daniele. but i did add most of the recent ppl so n e 1 who hasent added me yet ahould. my number is 0274-8705-3858-7874

  147. Matt says:

    everyone add me

  148. Matt says:

    armon i added you did you add my number???

  149. Andzej says:

    ive added Matt and Jay .. add me now 😉

  150. Matt says:

    andjez i added u but for some reason can’t send messages?

  151. Carl says:

    add mii! my number is 6625 6133 2758 9087

    ill add people in return

  152. Andzej says:

    i added you Carl, my number 0149 5118 8527 0727

  153. MKE says:

    hi my Wii no is (4367 1515 1633 1934)add me right now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  154. MKE says:

    andzej i have just added u now added me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  155. Carl says:

    andzej, your added!

  156. MKE says:

    your added carl plz add me

  157. Carl says:

    your done MKE, now how do i configure my internet settings and what do i do once im there?

  158. MKE says:

    wat do i change HELP PLZ

  159. MKE says:

    u must agree to the wiiconect24 i think?

  160. Carl says:

    just done that i can only send msg to andzej not you. and noone is in my wii channel parade thing

  161. MKE says:

    ask him if he knows mate

  162. Carl says:

    can you send me a msg?

  163. MKE says:

    no and i dont no y

  164. MKE says:

    add me on msn (

  165. Carl says:

    andzej can you add me again or agree that internet thing, i added a mii onto you thn couldnt take it away so i deleted you then added you again.

  166. Andzej says:

    i added you mke 🙂

  167. Lorgin says:

    I just finished adding everyone above me. So if you would add me to your wii. So I can share some mii’s

    My # is – 0194 1519 9688 6869

  168. Matt says:

    i added u lorgin

  169. lucas says:

    my wii number is 2957 6262 9700 6829

    plz add me to your concil

  170. Andzej says:

    i added you lorgin too 😉

  171. carl says:

    your added lorgin!

  172. Doug says:

    Please add Me. I will add all of the above.
    1798 7818 4352 5290

  173. Dave says:

    Please add Me
    3327 0281 4618 7259

  174. Dave says:

    Please e-mail me with your wii number if you add me as a friend on your wii console

  175. dominic says:

    thats my wii number… every one MUST add me… not really but that would b cool

    8169 2966 8226 6155

  176. TheMovieDude102 says:

    Hello. Question for all of you. What do the Wii Numbers do? If I add someone. Can Him and I play each other? or what? Explane this stuff to me plz


  177. TheMovieDude102 says:

    Is there anyone on here from Ontario Canada? I’m in Kitchener.

  178. ryan says:

    8908 8401 2162 2447
    feel free to add my wii number

  179. ryan says:

    if you want me to add your wii number you can e-mail it to me

  180. Roscoe says:

    My wii # is 6047 4604 7489 3931 6752.

  181. Zac says:

    my wii number is..

    6234 9180 3721 3181

    please tell me if u add me so i can add u and add me as


  182. Nikko says:

    Mine is 1907 1484 6536 8009

  183. Dom says:

    Mine is 0646 4068 1873 8107

  184. Armon says:

    k recent ppl i have added are……


    make sure yall add me and if n e 1 else has added me and i dont know it, plz tell me, my number is……..0274-8705-3858-7874

  185. Pablo says:

    add me too 7758-7982-0356-3560

  186. Jeff says:

    i added all the mentioned here and if i will be adding
    add me 0238-0873-6489-0607

  187. Jeff says:

    lol i noticed i can only have 100 friends on addressbook
    so i just added king j, garret, and andy f
    add my number it on previous post

  188. Nate says:

    hey I am going to add every single wii number in here and here is mine PLZ everyone add me 2529 5402 2930 0071

  189. carl says:

    i added you nate

  190. Nate says:

    Okay I added everyone except Jeff every single other person is added. I will continue to check back and add new people that have added me and hopefully all ya’ll will do the same.

  191. Nate says:

    oh and thanks carl

  192. Dave says:

    I added everyone above, please add me 3327 0281 4618 7259

  193. Pablo says:

    ok i added carl nat and dave

  194. Pablo says:

    does everyones mii’s have to be set on TRAVEL to do the wii parade

  195. dan says:

    sup my number is 0290 8475 8199 8814 plz add

  196. dan says:

    if u have added me plz comment back

  197. Pablo says:


  198. dan says:

    how come i cant send u a message thhen?

  199. dan says:

    do u have online pablo?

  200. Pablo says:

    you have to accept and add my wii number scroll up to get it and yes im connected online

  201. dan says:

    it dosn’t ask me if i want to accept

  202. Pablo says:

    ok here is my wii number and register it on your console, i registered your on mine

  203. dan says:

    whats ur screen name

  204. Eric says:

    When i go online and update it says could not update for some reason…. any suggestions???

  205. Pablo says:

    if your using a Wi-Fi connection clear your settings and reload, i had too the first time it updated

  206. Eric says:

    DUDE THANKYOU SO MUCH IT WORKS NOW!!! ill post my number in a min one sec

  207. Pablo says:

    are anyones mii’s set to travel?? or migle??

  208. Dave says:

    I added dan.

    all my mii’s are set to travel/mingle.

  209. Eric says:

    ok my wii number is 2964 9656 2430 3173 plz add me pablo i added u

  210. Mark says:

    add me please my wii # 2779 4922 9348 0137

  211. dan says:

    eric did u add me

  212. dan says:

    dave or pablo plz send me a message on the wii

  213. Francisco says:

    my wii number is 0393 6177 9438 1213,
    please add me guys im hispanic from california. i added MARK, ERIC AND PABLO

  214. Dave says:

    I added eric, mark and francisco
    My wii number 3327 0281 4618 7259

  215. kyle says:

    i added andy my wii number 4499 0923 7472 8536

  216. dan says:

    0290 8475 8199 8814

  217. Shawn says:

    hello I added

    so if you guys could add me that would be awesome, My Miss are set to mingle so that would be cool to see your Miss and talk to you all Im from Canada so hopefully chat with ya soon.

  218. Shawn says:

    sorry i screwed up i forgot to say my Wii # is
    8337 1370 2487 1308

  219. paul says:

    please add me to ur contacts list my wii# is 7727 3442 4546 4865

  220. Shawn says:

    hello again anybody that adds my Wii number to there contacts just drop a line here with your number and i will add you

  221. skllyn says:

    mine is 2316 2038 3490 4139

  222. jimmy says:

    Add me too and let me know so i can register you

    Shawn i added you

    my console 7123 2643 7665 9675

  223. jimmy says:

    Added andy fitzimons and whoever had the fist post on this blog

  224. Dave says:

    added jimmy and skllyn

  225. Jerryjuice says:

    Hi guys,
    Ive add Shawn And Jimmy. Can you guys add me
    Wii Number is – 3309 4197 1979 7662

    Lets mingle

  226. Jerryjuice says:

    Hello again,
    I have now added the following;

    Mine is 3309 4197 1979 7662

    Im set to travel and mingle so can the above people add me

  227. Josef says:

    Add Mii, i have no friends yet.

  228. dahmariyah says:

    hi, my wii no. is 7521 3237 9111 3776. i have interd 21 nos. so the following names put me in.
    andy fitzsimoh
    put me in plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  229. Shawn says:

    hello again just wanted to let the following people know I also added them


    so hopefully we can start mingling soon just leave a note on here if anybody else adds me thanks.

  230. dahmariyah says:

    pleaz pleaz pleeeeeeez add me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

  231. dahmariyah says:

    pleaz pleaz pleeeeeeez add me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.i just want a mii friend someone my miis can meet to have a prade so add me. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. i am begging you

  232. Dave says:

    added jerryjuice, josef and dahmariyah

    im starting a webpage to exchange wii numbers,
    would you like to join?

  233. Shawn says:

    dahmariyah i added your Wii number so add me to if you havent already and hopefully our Miss will be able to mingle.

  234. aaron says:

    hey guys! new to the site just got my wii! please add my number
    wii # 2289 8163 2761 0324

  235. Aaron says:

    hi im doing this on a wii heres my number 4965 2901 0326 3067

  236. Aaron says:

    yo im a different Aaron from that one lol aaron add me!

  237. Dave says:

    added aaron
    my wii no. is 3327 0281 4618 7259

  238. andrew0hio says:

    hey my wii numero is 2295-7324-1016-7292 email me if you wanna add me

  239. andrew0hio says:

    hey my wii numero is 2295-7324-1016-7292 email me if you wanna add me so email me so we can get it going

  240. Aaron says:

    andrew add me 4965 2901 0326 3067

  241. Aaron says:

    dave what Aaron did u add

  242. mike says:

    my wii number is 6476 7042 9480 0911 plz add me

  243. Dave says:

    added both aarons, andrewOhio and mike

  244. Gaz W says:

    Hi please!!!!!!!!!!! add me

    4915 3992 2620 3929

    If you add me please post on here sayong you have or it would be better for me if you email me at


    Gaz W

  245. Gaz W says:

    I have added you dave aswell

  246. Christian says:

    how do i find my wii number

  247. andy says:

    hey my wii number is 8380 4045 2535 4533!!!add me plz

  248. andy says:

    i added Gaz W and dave!!!

  249. Tarjei says:

    hehey….i come from norway…. please add my wii number. i’ll add all the numbers above:D:D PLEEEEASE ADD MEEEE.
    here is my number:

    3335 9159 0985 2689

  250. Tarjei says:

    please tell me if you have added me:P

  251. Culll says:

    mine is 7184 1377 1988 5362

  252. MarcLuigi says:

    Mine is 3538 2210 4976 1291

  253. melissa says:

    You guys can add me too. 2610879393603477 nickname- melissa

  254. andy says:

    hey i added the following:

    so plz add me!!! =)

  255. Dave says:

    added andy, tarjei, cull, marcluigi and melissa

  256. Dave says:

    To answer Christian’s Question:
    First of all your wii needs to be connected to the internet to be able to add friends and exchange mii characters
    You can find your wii number by
    1. clicking on the envelope icon on the bottom right of the wii menu, that will take you to the wii message board.
    2. once there you need to click on the icon that says create message on the bottom left next to the calendar icon.
    3. now click on your address book, if it brings up page 1 then you need to go back to the page before 1 to find your wii number

  257. Shawn says:

    hello once again everybody I just wanted to let the following people know I added them so if they want to add my Wii number it is 8337 1370 2487 1308

    I added the following people
    Gaz W

  258. roto says:

    Hi all…Andy and Garret I have added you. Please add me! I just got a Wii and want to see my first Wii Parade. 🙂

    My Wii #:


    Looking forward to “mingling”…

  259. roto says:

    Oh yeah…Shawn, you too!

  260. Tarjei says:

    3335 9159 0985 2689

    keep adding me:)

  261. andy says:

    hey i added all of you above me!!!
    again my number is 8380 4045 2535 4533 🙂

  262. Shawn says:

    got ya added now roto

  263. Bartek says:

    mine is
    8697 1312 1797 7087

    Garett please add mine…

  264. roto says:

    When do our Miis start to mingle? 🙂

  265. Tarjei says:

    yeah….add me too garett….i added you
    and to all others….tell me if you add me:)

    3335 9159 0985 2689

  266. roto says:

    Tarjei, I added you. Add me.

    Garett, I’m seeing your Miis already…cool! Sorry for the excitement, you guys, but this is my first group of Wii Friends. :::sniff sniff::: 😉

  267. leon says:

    hi my code is 1961524898736904

  268. Tarjei says:

    melissa i added you:P i added you too leon:):)

    but keep adding me:P:P and tell me if you doo:D:D:D

  269. leon says:

    i added you Tarjei

  270. Derek says:


    5948 9532 0907 2317

  271. Derek says:

    Is any1 on their wii now? I want to see how this works…..

  272. Derek says:

    add me and ill add u

  273. leon says:

    hey i added you derek

  274. Derek says:

    U did? cuz i cant send u message……hmmmmmmmmm…..

  275. Derek says:

    yea it works now

  276. leon says:

    hey i can send you message derek

  277. leon says:

    didnt get it yet

  278. Kammy says:

    Tarjei i added u can u add me on 2017 1735 8207 7695 im using my Wii 2 do this :)☆☆☆☆

  279. roto says:

    Derek, Bartek, Kammy, and Tarjei…you’re all added.

    Again, I’m:


    I’m on RIGHT NOW, too.

  280. Gaz W says:

    Tarjei, andy, shawn i added you

  281. Gaz W says:

    hi please add me

    4915 3992 2620 3929

  282. tarjei says:

    hey i added u too kammy:D:D nice going on writing it on the wii:D:D
    i have also added derek:D:D add me too:P:P

    3335 9159 0985 2689. still my number:P hehe
    please tell me if u have added me::P

  283. leon says:

    did andybody add me

  284. roto says:

    Tarjei, did you add me? I still don’t see you…and I added you.

    Leon and Gaz, you’re added.

  285. leon says:

    i added you roto target did ever add me yet

  286. andy says:

    hey i added kammy, leon, and Derek…..add me plz my number is
    8380 4045 2535 4533 😉

  287. tarjei says:

    i added u yes….but my wi-fi is a blitte weird. im trying to fix it

  288. leon says:

    i added you andy

  289. roto says:

    Andy, I don’t see you…but I added you. Just double checked your Wii # and I have it right. Hmmmmmmm….

  290. andy says:

    roto i added u to but ur not coming up in my wii and i double checked 2 and i got the right one i think it takes a while

  291. roto says:

    Andy, I think I see you now and I sent 2 funny miis your way.

  292. andy says:

    hehe they are funny as hell specially da short one

  293. roto says:

    Hmm…now I don’t see you. Wii is weird.

    Is it possible to play each other in Wii sports?

  294. tarjei says:

    add me….hehe….im so thrilled

    3335 9159 0985 2689

  295. roto says:

    tarjei, did you get my miis? LOL

  296. tarjei says:

    yeah:P now i got them:P:P their really great:P:P i lovfe them:)

  297. roto says:

    Ok, I have no life, so I tried to make this easy on everyone… I did my best to avoid duplicates. Here’s the list so far.

    Garret — the MAN we owe thanks to for this page: 4242 5312 6182 8000

    Andy — 3414 9770 9745 3289
    cdnmagic — 2139 5590 4427 2105.
    krpork — 8251 4186 0445 7971
    king j — 0422 1578 5208 1831
    Ken — 6824 1791 9517 8626
    stink — 3056592711782065
    racoonboy — 5847 1263 7951 3468
    Soki — 4693 4013 5934 7499
    Treekiller — 3289 7193 7586 3405
    chris5 — 0030 7803 3295 7186
    HBear — 5320122752225230
    onx — 0965-3485-7349-8912
    burnz — 1090607939264087
    micah — 8343 0358 6043 8887
    whiler — 6326 4962 6942 6566
    ST — 4369 3680 8849 3700
    Jon — 4754 2658 7771 2628
    pig — 8386-9681-4134-4555
    alex – 0382 6297 9160 0164
    Nopa — 171413151166190
    ayrton — 0642 0973 5594 3472
    mat — 2207 8173 4891 8992
    michael sherwin — 3382-7784-3227-8111
    Kat — 4798-2165-8001-8115
    ayrton — 0642 0973 5594 3472
    galinhas — 4881 8126 1551 1918
    Armon — 0274-8705-3858-7874
    Matt — 0127 4874 2713 4386
    Konrad — 2034 7333 8807 4988
    Sch33tz — 5671 1914 6638 5209
    Dina — 4609-1290-3419-8568
    MattSpeed — 3294077157101407
    Daniel — 6495-8412-9343-0577
    Will — 1836 1274 2301 6742
    Joe — 4435 4064 3193 2170
    Dirk — 4208-9060-9712-2846
    chris dafler — 1435 9025 0608 6105
    Lorgin — 0194 1519 9688 6869
    FaceLeg — 1730 5269 2789 2306
    Tyler — 7602 0163 2807 2985
    Andzej — 0149 5118 8527 0727
    Jackass — 0050 5733 8766 5255 ;D
    dede — 0921-2854-3026-3433
    JammerML — 0980 7392 8688 0173.
    bryan — 0222-7401-3815-9778
    ZEPPEX — 1556-8012-3853-5996
    anthony — 1301 8141 6397 6137
    Andzej — 0149 5118 8527 0727
    jay — 3056 5490 5751 5147
    Carl — 6625 6133 2758 9087
    Lorgin — 0194 1519 9688 6869
    lucas — 2957 6262 9700 6829
    Doug — 1798 7818 4352 5290
    Dave — 3327 0281 4618 7259
    dominic — 8169 2966 8226 6155
    ryan — 8908 8401 2162 2447
    Roscoe — 6047 4604 7489 3931 6752.
    Zac — 6234 9180 3721 3181
    Pablo — 7758-7982-0356-3560
    Jeff — 0238-0873-6489-0607
    Nate — 2529 5402 2930 0071
    dan — 0290 8475 8199 8814
    kyle — 4499 0923 7472 8536
    Shawn — 8337 1370 2487 1308
    skllyn — 2316 2038 3490 4139
    jimmy — 7123 2643 7665 9675
    Jerryjuice — 3309 4197 1979 7662
    dahmariyah — 7521 3237 9111 3776
    aaron — 2289 8163 2761 0324
    another Aaron — 4965 2901 0326 3067
    andrew0hio — 2295-7324-1016-7292
    mike — 6476 7042 9480 0911 plz add me
    andy — 8380 4045 2535 4533
    Tarjei — 3335 9159 0985 2689
    Culll — 7184 1377 1988 5362
    MarcLuigi — 3538 2210 4976 1291
    melissa — 2610879393603477
    Bartek — 8697 1312 1797 7087
    leon — 1961524898736904
    Derek — 5948 9532 0907 2317
    Kammy — 2017 1735 8207 7695
    Gaz — 4915 3992 2620 3929

    and last but not least:

    roto (me) — 5625|7316|8711|6528 🙂


  298. Dave says:

    added Bartek, leon, Derek and Kammy

  299. leon says:

    i added you dave

  300. Tarjei says:

    please tell me if u have added me:P:P

    3335 9159 0985 2689

  301. dahmariyah says:

    thanku shawn roto dave for adding me

  302. Jess says:

    Add Me!!

    6278 8394 4647 8818

  303. Jess says:

    added every1 that gave their code…PLZ ADD ME

  304. says:

    Add me!
    1202 8160 7378 4998

  305. bradley says:

    I need to mingle
    2786 1073 1490 9031 Bradley

  306. Al says:

    yo my wii number is 7596 0559 8717 8119

  307. Al says:

    hey bradley i added u to my list my number is 7596 0559 87178119

  308. Tarjei says:

    i added you Jess:)

  309. bradley says:

    I added tarjei carl al and jess

  310. tarjei says:

    thank you Bradley:)

    my number is still 3335 9159 0985 2689:) add me:)

  311. im not giving my name says:

    my # is 0316 5674 5679 7888

  312. Marty says:

    my wii number is 5704 1939 9513 6734 tell me if you’ve added me and ill add yours, great idea here, my email is

  313. Shadow_the_beast says:

    Yo wassup. My Wii number is 4524072575606484. Add me, call me

  314. Gaz W says:

    hi, add me

    4915 3992 2620 3929

  315. dahmariyah says:

    nate i added you so add me

  316. noobwaffles says:

    hey guys pleze!!! add me!!!! its 7810 8582 7393 5138

  317. noobwaffles says:

    i added so far all the way up to sh33tz’s numbers will add all the rest of u soon

  318. Dave says:

    I added these people. My number is 3327 0281 4618 7259
    mr. fly
    im not giving my name

  319. deem says:

    im trying to get people so i can play them online my number is :3024 2506 6853 9872

  320. deem says:

    also you can message me a w(my wii number)

  321. JPMDOGS says:

    i added-
    i will post mine later, thanks

  322. T-Bone says:

    my wii number is 8864239033732012 so someone contact me on my wii

  323. T-Bone says:

    i added the top number 4242531261828000 fid me my number is 88642390 3373 2012

  324. T-Bone says:

    hey look at #346 fid me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. T-Bone says:

    Hey jpmdogs add me my number is on # 346 the second number not the first

  326. deem says:

    T_BONE ADD ME I AM # 341.

  327. isaac says:

    hey wats up message me at 0965 9498 6899 0442

  328. Special Ed says:

    Thanks roto, that was faster than scrolling up and down. 🙂 I added your number too of course. I added most of the others in your list. Some were duplicates, some didn’t work and some I just didn’t like the names! lol Roscoe’s first four numbers are extra btw. 🙂

    OK everybody, please add mine!?

  329. Special Ed says:

    I added some from another page (maybe 20) but most of them I got from this page. I have 84 in my address book, so chances are, if you’re on this page, you’re in my book! 🙂 As of right now though, I’m soooo lonely. 🙁 Nobody’s added me yet. Woe is meeee…

  330. bawkling says:

    2815 4338 8841 9835

  331. cameron whyte says:

    hi my number is 5101 6424 2999 8877

  332. Al says:

    cameron i added u to my addres book my wii number is 7596 0559 8717 8119. plz add me i only hav one prsn in my book 🙁

  333. Al says:

    🙂 🙂 🙁 🙁 😮

  334. Al says:

    yo i added special ed dave and garret i added u my wii number is 7596 0559 8717 8119

  335. SLIC_TRIX says:

    I ADDED DANIEL AND SHEETZ AND SOME OTHERS BUT ILL SEND MINES LATER……… I HOPE EVERY1 WILL PRACTICE SMASH BROS BRAWL .. CAUSE I RULE IN MELEE!!!. prove your worthiness….. but dont expect me to be on da wii so much… i like to take breaks and vacations and do work… but ill put my number l8r……..

  336. Andzej says:

    0149 5118 8527 0727 add me 🙂 im checking this site everyday so once u added me just write here 🙂 ill add you too 😉

  337. Mike says:

    HI here is my wii number 2496 4700 5477 6661 . Add me if yad like

  338. Andzej says:

    i added you mike

  339. trekkiewheels says:

    2190 8710 1858 3336

  340. alain says:

    my wii number is 8506 3909 4854 7128

  341. noobslayer1 says:

    my wii # is 8675 7801 6378 0302

  342. mark h says:

    hi all, add mii : 2291 3068 1553 6750

    email me when you add me

  343. Roux says:

    I’ve added Andjez, Mike, noobslayer1, and I already have alain and trekkiewheels from the last forum. My number is 8892 7909 0260 7812. Add me!

  344. Roux says:

    Oh! And you 2 mark h.

  345. Nick says:

    I just got a Wii and thought that this would be interesting. I’m going to start adding as many people as I can, so here is my Wii number : 4057 7497 2267 6947. If anyone adds me, please let me know so I can definitely add you. Spread the Wii community!!!

  346. Roux says:

    Added you Nick.
    8892 7909 0260 7812. Add me!

  347. Nick says:

    Cool, thanx Roux!! I added ya. Anyone that comes to this forum should definitely go to All the Mii’s in the world. Even Butthead(If you request that friend) Try it!! You won’t regret it.

  348. geoff says:

    my wii number is 2623 3656 3529 6891 i already added mark h so add me

  349. Chump says:

    My Wii number is 6258 2943 3619 9252. Pls add me

  350. shaun aldom says:

    i have a wii my number is 2309 5348 2445 1903 let me know you have added me and i will add you to mine

  351. Shawn Fagan says:

    I have a wii my number is 2525 0371 9092 7708 Please add me

  352. Shawn Fagan says:

    I have already added geoff chump and shaun

  353. Marc Love says:

    My Wii number is 3155 4885 9518 4195
    Plz add me

  354. Marc Love says:

    email me at to notify me
    and i will add you

  355. Andrea says:

    here is mine!!!!!1 plz add me!!!!!

    157 00311 1359 6739

  356. Datura says:

    Hello. It is from Japan.
    My wii number is 2747-2031-9912-7520
    Let’s exchange the wii numbers.

  357. N64Grandma says:

    From Minnesota, USA


  358. new says:

    i got my wii yesterday and here is my code 6111 6932 7794 1522 plz add 🙂

  359. jordan says:

    pls can every body add my wii code 5720 2685 8136 3696 who ever adds me can u pls tell me

  360. xxluigixx says:

    HEY EVERYBODY my wii number is 7710 3520 4627 3832

  361. anyone on there wii’s well add me my address is 0094038221897524

  362. Josh says:


  363. Josh says:

    everyone add me and ill do the same 4 u

  364. shonna stcroix says:

    heres my wii number

    2928 5979 8870 8181

  365. JD says:

    4950 6079 2525 9093

  366. jordan says:

    Has Anybody Registered My Wii Yet? Here’s My Wii Number Again.

    Wii Number: 5720-2685-8136-3696

  367. jordan says:

    If And When You Add Me Please Can You Send Me An E-mail Saying That You’ve Added Me & Leave Your Wii Code.

    Wii Number: 5720-2685-8136-3696


    Thank You.

  368. robert says:

    my number is

    4483 3620 2346 2171

    my e-mail is

    send your number to me so that wii can play

  369. Krissy says:

    hey everyone! my name is Krissy and im 21. anyways I finally got my Wii on the internet. and My number is 2313 3645 5962 6168

    My email addy is so email me if anyone wants to play or if you add me so I know hehe

    heres my myspace Url

  370. Jak says:

    add me im jak my number is 3777 5007 9141 7763

  371. Krissy says:

    Hey Jak I added you

  372. bill says:

    my wii number is 6634 3657 9983 0819

    i will add any one on.

  373. bill says:

    add me jak
    my wii number is 6634 3657 9983 0819

  374. bill says:

    Krissy add me

  375. ZimJ1993 says:

    Hello my Number is: 3185 9204 5173 1324

  376. bill says:

    zimj1883 add me

  377. Sarah O says:

    Just figured out how this whole mingling thing worked. I have some pretty interesting Mii’s if that tempts you any.

    Wii Number: 8679 4985 3173 3066

    Console Name: Wiizard

    But in real life I go by Sarah.

  378. bob says:

    sara o add me my wii number is 6634 3657 9983 0819

  379. Sarah O says:

    Gotcha bob!

  380. Mesut says:

    my code is 3392 6196 4516 5269

    if your puttting it down email me at

    and give me your one or else it wont work.

  381. bob says:

    srara o i put your wii number in you need to put mine in

  382. arie naglo says:

    hey man added you to m y wii on iphone sorry bout miss types my number is 6088 9226 6994 3540 added me if u want me all I will add y all aswell tell me if u have added me LOL oh n I added the poster of the blog

  383. Coreena says:

    Hey everyone. Im adding all the numbers on this site so could everyone please add me so then we could chat?

  384. Coreena says:

    this is my number 5734 5048 2089 4635

  385. Corey says:

    this is my number 5734 5048 2089 4635 [im the same girl as Coreena]

  386. Coreena says:

    5734 0478 2089 4635

  387. Coreena says:

    Tell me if you added me and i will add you. i go on here daily

  388. Taylor Burnette says:

    Hey I’m just getting started with the Wii online thing and I need some people to give me their Wii number, so here is mine 8941-0773-0732-6234

  389. miiman says:

    coreena i added u plz add me 7828 0778 7158 0856

  390. sam says:

    hi evry1 im new to this so here goes my wii number is …4096 6200 8274 9038 im not sure wat to do next but thats my munber lol

  391. sam says:

    hi noone has added me yet please added me mail me when u do pleasi

  392. amy says:

    my wii umber is 6157 2149 3168 5324 i have no friends that have wiis, how sad is that!!!!

  393. brandon says:

    how do u find out my wii number?

  394. jack clark says:

    whoevers wii code is 4242 5312 6182 8000 i want to become friends with you so my wii code is 7789 0630 5971 7913.

  395. jack clark says:

    whoevers wii code is 4242 5312 6182 8000 i want to friends mine is 7789 0630 5971 7913.

  396. jack clark says:

    im just gonna get on my wii now so that person who has the 4242 5312 6182 8000 code go get on your wii now. ok bye!

  397. Kannon says:

    I just got my Wii so lest start the fun, here is my Wii’s number
    7099 1607 1817 2005

  398. Kris says:

    i got my wii pretty soon and it is the bomb i love playing it! i only hav a cuple of frends like 7 so if anybody wants to add me be free i also hav tons of games dat r wi-fi like brawl, mario kart, strikers, and more soon to be cod 5 :):P my number is 1147 6245 3612 9048

  399. Kris says:

    hi coreena tis here is kris yeah i dont even know you but watever i added ya so write bak please got 2 go, and my number is 1147 6245 3612 9048

  400. Kris says:

    please email me if you added me my number is 1147 6245 3612 9048

  401. Kris says:

    armon, #46 on this page i added u and i also hav smash so contact me at my email krisdwii

  402. Kris says:

    384 xxluigixx tis is once again Kris and i have added you on my wii, so contact me at my number is 1147 6245 3612 9048 and anyone else that wants to make new friends to talk and hang out with just email me on this page or by my email we cantalk send pictures paly wi-fi

  403. Kris says:

    Coreena 414# i think your number is wrong because when i tried to add you it said the wii number was incorrect

  404. Emily says:

    my wii number is 5488 6025 0812 3932.

  405. ManOVision says:

    I use to keep track of all my Wii Numbers and Friend codes. You can also manage your friends there and it’ll even send friend code updates to your Wii!

  406. Taylor says:

    Hey, my Wii number is 3087 3316 2500 8689. If you guys want to add me, send an email to with your number in it.

  407. Jerry says:

    here is my Wii # 6244556715532009

  408. isaiah says:

    this is my wii number 5447675462729496

  409. isaiah says:

    5447-6754-6272-9496 dina i added u so add me and send me a message

  410. guillermo says:

    mine’s is 6083 2608 2938 7313 add me

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