Tango on the N800 (a first glimpse)

Since I recently got an N800, I decided it would be a good idea to port Tango icons to it. It looks quite amazing on the device’s tiny high-resolution screen.

Even though I made pretty decent progress tonight, there’s still a bit left to go. I want to polish it up a bit more before releasing anything — don’t worry, though; it should be soon. (:

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12 Responses to “Tango on the N800 (a first glimpse)”

  1. matid says:

    Outstanding! It looks terrific! Now if I only had an N800…

  2. giz404 says:

    Nice ! Now it really has the gnome feel ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This screenshot looks dangerously sexy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tango already owns, but Tango + N800 ir something very close to Apple iSomething leetness.

  4. Garrett, now looking at your screen, what do you think? Shouldn’t we have some kind of a guideline for making the outer stroke stronger (darker? wider?) when using a very high density screen?

    This reminds me of the article I once saw on the web (but forgot where it was, dang!) where one needs to consider the visual area of a given colour when trying to match a certain tone. Larger patches of colour look darker than small, so small versions of logos should be made slightly darker in colour to make them appear visually the same colour to the viewere.

    This is something we need to think about. Do not be fooled about the size of the screenshot above though – you need to see it on the N800 screen to understand the point. The device screen is actually less than half the size of the screenshot on my monitor, so the pixels are very tiny. And one pixel border is very very very thin.

  5. Mike says:

    really sexxxy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait till I see also Hula 1.0 on the N800 (in Opera of course ;))

  6. Brad Griffith says:

    *giddiness* Though, I must say, having actually used my n800 now, the default icons look better on the device than in screenshots.

  7. makuchaku says:

    Aha, looks stunning!
    When are you releasing this theme? I’d be very much interested… thanks for the work!


  8. Ze Stuart says:

    Nice… Very nice. Is there a download? Couldn’t find one in Files section.

  9. Casey O'Donnell says:

    you tease us poor readers, release release hail tango

  10. atlas95 says:

    I will buy it soon !
    I’m Tango lover ! Could you share your theme please?
    Best Regards !

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