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Hack Week video

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Teams from around the world have been posting video on the Idea Pool website.

Here’s a video filmed and edited by Nat Friedman, and I’m featured at 1:46 into the video (at the end).

Yes, I was very, very tired making sure that the site was ready to launch and also traveling back to Europe. Shortly after arriving in Nuremberg, we were on Digg for several hours, so instead of taking a nap, I drank a lot of Red Bull and Afri-Cola so I could watch the website withstand “the Digg effect” (which used to be called “the Slashdot effect”, but we haven’t been on Slashdot yet. *hint*) and also take a lot of pictures.

Nat did a great job filming and editing the “from-the-trenches” Hack Week video; it’s quite funny.

Photos from Hack Week, day 1

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Check out my Hack Week photo set.

Nat with a watermelon and a highly caffeinated cola
during the first day of Hack Week

They’re in the the Hack Week group pool too.

I’ve also been posting a ton of photos to my flickr stream too, so check out the rest as well.

Hack Week and Ideas!

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Hey everyone! Check out the brand new website I’ve been working on (with the help of Jakub, Larry, and Nat)! We are officially launching it today, kicking off the first day of Hack Week.

Hack Week!

To see photos from around the globe of people participating in Hack Week, check out the Hack Week flickr group.

Also, make sure to Digg the site too. (:

visual flickr treats (recent photos)

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately.

Here are a few I posted on my flickr page

(There are more there too.)



I have lots more pictures to post, too… so expect more (on my flickr page) soon.

harvesting planets

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

If you like to read a lot of open source based planets, then check out my aggregation (and uniqification) RSS feed that I cobbled together in Yahoo! Pipes.

Open Source Planets RSS

Currently, it grabs from the following:

  • Planet GNOME
  • Planet KDE
  • Planet SUSE
  • Graphics Planet
  • Gimp Layers
  • Planet Inkscape

Any other good suggestions? (:

If you’re interested, you can also check out the pipe’s page too.

Update: I added the feeds suggested in the comments as pipe sources.