harvesting planets

If you like to read a lot of open source based planets, then check out my aggregation (and uniqification) RSS feed that I cobbled together in Yahoo! Pipes.

Open Source Planets RSS

Currently, it grabs from the following:

  • Planet GNOME
  • Planet KDE
  • Planet SUSE
  • Graphics Planet
  • Gimp Layers
  • Planet Inkscape

Any other good suggestions? (:

If you’re interested, you can also check out the pipe’s page too.

Update: I added the feeds suggested in the comments as pipe sources.

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19 Responses to “harvesting planets”

  1. What’s the goal here? Naming “good” suggestions is easy, limiting them to a subset that makes sense is much more difficult.

    Outside of the list you gave, I’m also subscribed to Planet Classpath, Planet Debian, Planet Freedesktop, Planet Mozilla, and Monologue. But those are biased towards my interests; Classpath and Monologue are particularly specialized (but so is Inkscape and you’ve already got that one). And if you take Planet Debian you should also take Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE’s respective planets at least.

    I’m intrigued to see where this goes, though. A “Planet Everything” would be interesting to read, even if really hard to keep up with 😉

  2. Rob says:

    Planet Ubuntu and Planet Fedora!

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Garrett!

    I was actually doing the EXACT same thing earlier this evening: looking for various PLANET sites that I’m interested in, and subscribe to them all.

    Good list so far, as well as the suggestions by the Stuart and Rob. Additionally, I am also looking for planets on software development, game development, web development (if there are specialized planets of this nature out there).

    – Mike

  4. Anonymous says:

    I highly recommend grabbing Kernel Planet. Your duplicate removal should help greatly; many people appear on both Kernel Planet and Planet GNOME.

  5. garrett says:

    My goal was twofold… I knew I was missing a few good planets, and I also wanted to share this, so people can clone it and make it their own as well (basically customize it to their heart’s content).

    I added the suggested planets to the feed.

    It’s nice to keep up on what people in the community are doing… with a river of news feed style, it’s really easy to scroll (or jump) past uninteresting posts, but it’s great to see even random interesting posts from community people, as there are a lot of awesome developers in the open source world, and many are working on really cool things. This aggregation really takes advantage of planets not always being filtered to be on topic.

    This pipe’s purpose is to keep up with the community and to weed out the many duplicate posts. I’m on a few of the planets already, but when I blog anything, I don’t want to see my own words five times in my feed reader. (Once is okay, though, imo.) Same goes for other people — but I mean, I already know what I blogged, so seeing my own text so many times was just silly for me. (Not that I’m complaining about myself or others being on multiple planets; it’s a good thing, really!)

  6. superstoned says:

    I wonder if there is any way to keep things a bit more confined to technical stuff… I recently subscribed to gnome planet, but I find 90% of the posts are about personal stuff. Which is way to much for me, I read it to keep up with technical and community stuff, not with all the new born children. Planet KDE, which I’ve been reading for a long time, does a lot better in this regard. Is there something that can be done about that?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The BSD People Planet (http://people.bsdplanet.net/).

  8. blah says:


  9. garrett says:

    @superstoned: yeah, I think I have an idea about that… I think there’s a way to do it in pipes, and I’ll have a look at that probably later tonight.

    @blah: yup! I added it.

  10. bob says:

    Planet Debian plz

  11. Russell says:

    I’m really glad you posted the pipes page so I can see how you did that. This is an excellent example of using yahoo pipes (something I know has amazing potential). I just haven’t had time to play around with it to figure out what is possible. You have some entries in your feed I’m not interested in but now I know how to go create my own!


  12. I think the best feature here is the filtering out of duplicate items. Subscribing to Gnome, Ubuntu, Fedora, and FreeDesktop planets results in a huge overlap.

  13. Clare says:

    Planet OLPC

  14. garrett says:

    @bob & Clare:


  15. Will says:

    You may want to try also :
    – Planet OpenOffice.org : http://planet.go-oo.org/
    – Planet Mandriva : http://planetmandriva.zarb.org/

  16. Only to say thanks! It’s a simple pipe that saved me a lot of time and duplicated posts! 🙂

  17. […] um monte de feeds, muitos com items repetidos, basta ler um só. Animado pelo Open Source Planets postado por Garrett LeSage, filtrando diversos planetas de projetos de software livre e de código aberto em um único RSS, […]

  18. Some IMHO worthwhile planets to be added:

    – Planet GStreamer (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/planet)
    – Planet Jabber (http://planet.jabber.org)
    – Planet Maemo (http://maemo.org/news/planet-maemo/)
    – WordPress Planet 🙂 (http://planet.wordpress.org)

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