It was raining; I left my real camera and tripod at home. When I was viewing the fireworks I thought I made a mistake.  “Oops.”

At least I had my pocket camera for the fireworks.



Perhaps it was good that I didn’t bring the big camera, as there was a huge fight between several drunk people on the overcrowded subway on the way home. Profanity was flying like only a Southie could say it.  (Think of “Good Will Hunting“.)  It probably could have easily turned riot level; lots of people were worked up about the fight.  A few brave individuals stepped in, thankfully, and forcefully shoved most of the misbehaving drunk kids off the train…  police later came and investigated the matter.  There was a report of a knife, too… and I somehow suspected that we weren’t the only part of the train (or only train for that matter) that had a fight like this.  Some people got messed up pretty bad; they’re going to need stitches.

Riding the MBTA during holidays usually winds up like this… and that’s exactly why I chose to leave my real gear and take my pocket camera instead.  I figured an event like this would most likely happen, and it did.

So… the Boston fireworks were absolutely brilliant and a joy to see, and witnessing the sky lighting event with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while was great too (even factoring in the ride home).