A few more recently posted pictures on Flickr

Click on each picture to see a larger version.

I still have lots more to post from my recent travels, too. (:

Be sure to check out even more photos on my flickr page.

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4 Responses to “A few more recently posted pictures on Flickr”

  1. anonim says:

    awesome colors!

  2. Steve Wingate says:

    Do you do something to enhance the color of your photos or does your camera just take pics that good?

  3. garrett says:

    (from WhatTheDuck)

    I shoot in raw, meaning that the colors need to be tweaked (else a straight conversion from raw would look quite flat). Those who “shoot in JPEG” let the camera auto-tweak them before their camera changes the raw (in-camera) to a lossy JPEG file and saves it. (Tweaking colors includes things like correcting white balance and camera color profile adjustments for instance.)

    For “considering” (the second one down with the blue sky and the guy with the orange shirt), the colors were saturated a bit… however, for most of these, shooting at the right time of day is important. (The bird on the sky was at sunset, so was the light over the castle, for two examples.)

    People using film cameras often will choose one film or another for a certain look. Shooting Velvia, for example, achieves a similar appearance — with digital, tweaking a few knobs in raw conversion replaces swapping out films in-camera and also some darkroom work. (When I shot film, years ago, I used different types of film and also did darkroom work too.)

    Also, even more important is trying to get the right exposure settings when you’re taking the picture in the first place (the slot canyon glow — which is the only picture above that isn’t from the past couple months, yet recently posted to flickr — besides the composition, is all about the right exposure (and on a tripod to support that exposure)).

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