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Since the Gimp plugin registry does not have an official RSS feed, I made one (using Dapper).

Here it is: Recent Gimp plugins RSS feed

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5 Responses to “Gimp plugins RSS feed”

  1. Excellent. Thank you for doing that. I’m already subscribed 🙂

  2. T. Lord says:

    Garrett :

    Thanks for doing this! It’s one of the several things that I occasionally do a scan through but having it as RSS is must more convenient.

    Tim Lord

  3. khirayl says:

    The biggest issue with, is tho followings:
    – many duplicates
    – lack of versioning (there are different versions around). Can the original submitter change the description, version, etc, etc?

    There are bunch of plugins which are already obsolated (they were mainly a workaround)

    Bunch of useless plugins, which are fun for the first time, but no real value in the long run, Im thinking plugins like alien glow, alien neon, etc, etc.

    Im currently looking for a plugin which is capable to remove the unwanted background from a scanned text page. I didnt find anything usable, so Im currently writing a plugin for this. (however I didnt find any resource about this on the web. Algorithms, sample code, etc, etc. Every ocr program should have this capability…)

  4. Pretty interesting. The registry actually has had an RSS feed for ages, but I only ever told Xach, who had asked for it, so that he could embed links to the most recent stuff on his Gimp News site. The feed is at However, yours is actually better, because it also includes the description which the current one does not (because Xach didn’t need it and it would have required me to think about quoting bad HTML). I guess that makes a pretty useful service 😉

    khirayl: We (gimp-web) are working on a new version of the registry, at The main missing piece is an import of the old content, which is more work than it should be because of the reasons you mentioned. We’d also like the design to match the new gimp site. Give us another two weeks or so.

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