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The mystery of my mailing address

Friday, January 11th, 2008

For some reason, most of the companies I interact with changed my address to a place in South Carolina.

I have never lived in South Carolina.

So now I have mail randomly going to who-knows-how-many places in Massachusetts, one in South Carolina, and one in Georgia. Thankfully, most of it seems to be redirected to the right place. I’m really glad the postal service can figure out most of it. (At least, I know they’re figuring some of it out by bouncing letters all around the system.)

I have (of course) updated my information to the correct address for all of these companies, somewhere between a few times to several times for each. So here goes yet another round of address updates…

Has anyone else ever had anything like this happen?

Moving ’08

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

My big news for 2008: I’m moving to Germany!

(I’m still working for Novell; I’ll just be in the SUSE office instead.)

Starting 2008

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

A kind neighbor found and returned my Nintendo DS. (It’s fun to play while traveling, especially during long transatlantic flights.) He found it on the street, as I must have dropped it when I got back from seeing a few friends in Macon and Atlanta. I’m quite thankful that the guy was very honest, and that it didn’t get crushed under car wheels.

It’s something simple, but it’s a great way to start a New Year… finding something I didn’t even know was missing (yet).

I hope everyone also has a wonderful 2008. Happy New Year!