Photos from Nürnberg’s Easter Market

This past weekend kicked off Nürnberg’s Easter Market. It was a wonderful sunny day, with blue skies, so I brought the camera out and snapped a few photos.

Easter Market crowd HEADS
follow the arrow stop and pet the dog

I also put 36 (much lower quality) snapshots on Facebook. (I believe it is set that anyone should be able to see those.)

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3 Responses to “Photos from Nürnberg’s Easter Market”

  1. Roger Mudd says:

    Great shots! Was expecting to see you using FOSS tools with the URL “,” though. Lightroom is obviously a great product and I use it myself, just a curious dichotomy…

  2. garrett says:

    Roger: Yeah, there’s nothing for seriously working with raw photographs on Linux, unfortunately…. at least with a decent workflow.

    (I want to spend merely minutes, not hours or days in a workflow. Also, then there’s color calibration.)

  3. Chris Crumb says:


    nice pictures. I feel like i´m home when i take a look on the “Frauenkirche” on the first Picture.


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