Linux color calibration in 2008?

Dear Lazyweb, I remember seeing things about color calibration using a Spyder2 way back in 2007.  Has much progressed?  How would one do this in 2008 on openSUSE 10.3, specifically?

(Hopefully someone like Hubert Figuière will come to the rescue.)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Joel Cornuz says:

    Hi there,

    I just wrote an entry about it: Argyll is now available as a precompiled library and calibrating my monitor was a smooth process…

    1) download / untar Argyll 0.70beta8

    2) use the spyd2en utility to use the spyder.dll (

    3) follow this procedure:

    Let me know if you run in trouble.

    Take care,


  2. You need to use latest beta release from Argyllcms ( )and extract firmware from the Windows driver, as explained on

    Ross was able to get it working :

  3. troll says:

    Progress? In open source?


  4. Ross Burton says:

    The Spyder2 or Huey works fine in Linux (sypder2 needs a firmware blob, so you need the CD to extract the file) with the latest ArgyllCMS. I’ve got a Spyder2, fcrozat has a Huey.

  5. Hub says:

    What Ross told you. I don’t have a device so I can’t tell.

    I have some package in the build service for easy installation.

  6. Was looking for this today, too. For now I have a bit of a rubbish solution: I hook my Mac up to my display and use ColorSync to generate an ICC profile. Then I load it up with “xcalib”, et voila, (half-arsed) calibrated monitor.

    Obviously requires ridiculously overly expensive Mac.

  7. Alexandre says:

    Garrett, here is an interview that covers the current situation:

    Most changes since then are Qt4 GUI for LProf.

  8. Hub says:

    Alex: that implies both drivers provide the exact same result for the display. Good luck with that. Even a difference in gamma will make the calibrartion useless.

    Garrett: I’m looking at pushing this to openSUSE 11. Stay tuned.

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