in Boston!

Hey everyone! I just arrived in Boston for the GNOME Summit (and the UX Hackfest that precedes it).

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  1. Alan H says:

    Please don’t go all Microsoft on us and start using horrendous bizarre acronyms like “UX”. Usability is not too hard to type and is a far less opaque and more user friendly term.

    The words we speak and the language we use affects how we think, keep it simple! Best of luck to all with the conference.

  2. Garrett says:

    Well, the page itself (not the URL, however) says “user experience” hackfest, and “UX” is the accepted acronym for the phrase.

    Besides, I thought us in the *nix world like acronyms and shortening phrases? (:

  3. Alan Horkan says:

    I’d take clarity over brevity any day*.
    (And I’d use the word link over the acronym URL, one extra letter gains you so much clarity. In development minor gains from brevity tend to be wiped out by the requirements of accessibility, phrases back translate into oddities like “SMS Message” or “URL Address” which only reveal the original English needed to be fixed or made equally as pedantically clear.)

    UX it stikes me as an odd acronym, standing for User eXperience its meaning harder to guess for the uninitiated by not actually taking the first letters. Part of my dislike and association of the term with Microsoft is because they also misappropriated the acronym XP which was then more widely taken to mean e[X]treme [P]rogramming and claim it too was about an enhanced user e[XP]erience.

    It feels a little odd to use command line rather than graphical interfaces in terms as usability examples but there are times where usability is more about literacy and writing style than aesthetic style. As for the *nix world I recall reading an article either by one of the orginators of Unix or one of the popular command shells where they lamented their decision to skimp on a few extra characters due to all the confusion and mistakes it caused as – like a premature optimisation – they had to mentally expand and then later mentally recompact the word but they frequently failed to remember their choice of abbreviation which had sacrificed clarity for brevity. (Wish I could remember the exact command in question.)

    Anyhow I shouldn’t be nit picking your writing so much as I should be poking and patching any inconsistencies in Gnome 2.24 and motivating myself to get back into it. As I said best of luck to all of you in Boston.

    * Admittedly brevity isn’t my strongest suit, I’m more likely to go the other way and confuse the issue with over explanation or write code littered with comments.

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