Muinshee, for you… thanks to Twitter and the Banshee devs.

Quick background: Muinshee is a special UI (user interface) for Banshee, an open source music player, in the style of Muine, another open source music player. It’s really neat (if you’re a minimalistic Muine fan) because Muinshee is a mashup of Muine’s simple interface backed by Banshee-power.

How it happened: I recently sparked off a nice little tweetversation (a conversation on Twitter) about the old Muinshee teaser blog post. In a few 140-character-max back-and-forths, it went from an “oh yeah, rember that!?” moment… to getting a tip from Gabriel Burt (the guy who made the Muine UI for Banshee) himself… to me quickly tweaking Banshee’s starter script (and crudly adding 64-bit support today, btw)… and then releasing the tiny hack of a script on github‘s gist (which is the paste-and-create git repo service).

Muinshee: it's like a baby Banshee!

Like what you see? Download the Muinshee script (updated: fixed a bug. oops!) and place it in your path somewhere (the bin subdirectory in your home directory should work nicely). After that, just run “muinshee” and you’ll be in minimalistic UI play queue heaven.

Then, of course: Thank Aaron, Gabriel, and hordes of other rockstar developers for their awesomely great music player! (With the best sync’ing support around, excellent integration, podcasts, library management, etc.… you may just want to stick with the full-blown Banshee, though! *smile*)

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11 Responses to “Muinshee, for you… thanks to Twitter and the Banshee devs.”

  1. jegHegy says:

    I’d love to try this but I get the following when I try to run it (Banshee installed from Ubuntu 8.10 repos):

    jeghegy@***:~$ muinshee
    /home/jeghegy/bin/muinshee: line 4: test: =: unary operator expected
    Cannot open assembly /usr/lib/banshee-1/Muinshee.exe.

  2. Brad says:

    That is likely the closest I will ever be to Fiona Apple.

  3. Juri Pakaste says:

    So this’ll be included in the next Banshee release as a separate desktop entry, right?

  4. garrett says:

    @jegHegy: oops! I forgot to quote the “64”. Should be fixed now! (Sorry about that.)

  5. jegHegy says:

    Thanks for the reply. I get the same output with the updated script though. 🙁

  6. chombee says:

    I don’t get it. I run this script, and first I get:

    test: 4: x86_64: unexpected operator

    So I cut out the lines:

    # Hack in some quick 64-bit support
    test $CPU = x86_64 && arch=”64″

    Run it again, and I get:

    exec: 48: -a: not found

    So I check out that line in the script, and it does look a bit odd:

    # Finally – environment is set up, time to run our beloved
    exec_args=”-a banshee-1 mono $MONO_OPTIONS $MONO_EXE $@”

    -a at the start? So I cut out the -a from that line. Now I run the script and banshee launches, but it’s just the normal banshee, nothing changed.

    Banshee 1.4.1 on Ubuntu 8.10, in Gnome. I like muine, so I’d quite like to try out this hack of I can.

  7. pich says:

    what font are you using?!

  8. garrett says:

    @pich: I’m using Droid Sans (info | download) from Google’s Android platform. They’re really nice, and Apache licensed.

    (Also, I’m using “slight” hinting.)

  9. garrett says:

    @jegHegy & @chombee: I’ll look at this and update it again soon.

  10. Daeng Bo says:

    Glad to see you like Brad Sucks. Have you listened to his third album yet? It’s a lot more polished than the first one. If you got his stuff from Jamendo, you should also listen at Fusz.

  11. michael says:

    very cool. This would be great as a plugin. Like minimal mode or something.

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