Google Wave & native scrollbars

For those of you also using Google Wave, you may have noticed the funky scrollbars. They’re bad for all sorts of reasons, most notably performance.

Máirín (rightfully) complained about them in a community designers’ wave we’re in, so I decided to take five minutes to see if I could implement a hack… and was successful!

Basically, with essentially 4 simple lines of CSS, we’re able to easily turn on your browser’s native scrollbars and turn off Google’s weird scrollthing. Since I published it on, it’s available for Firefox (using Stylish or Greasemonkey) and Chrome/Chromium (since it now has native Greasmonkey support).

Scrolling is now extremely quick in comparison, and it acts as expected.

Get it here: System scrollbars for Google Wave

23 Responses to “Google Wave & native scrollbars”

  1. Nice, I have to try this!

  2. WOW, that works MUCH better. I had no idea it was the scrollbars that were messing up the scoll speed!

  3. What’s interesting is that trying to open the first link (“the funky scrollbars”) crashes Chromium for me. Not just a single tab, supposedly isolated in a separate process—the whole Chromium goes down.

  4. MUCH better.

    Google should hire you :)

  5. Saving the world from hideous user experience mistakes, one scrollbar at a time…

  6. Beautiful. I like wave, but the scrollbars screamed ‘we’re reinventing everything for the sake of reinventing it.’

  7. OMG thank you! This addresses my two main complaints about Google Wave. Crappy scrollbars, and interface sluggishness.

    If Google had chosen to stay with the default scrollbars from the beginning, they would have written less code and had happier users.

  8. Amazing how much faster scrolling feels with this…

    Any way to turn off “empty” scrollbars? (maybe this is a chrome bug?)

  9. Thanks – that’s absolutely genius.

  10. Works for me, but the scrollbar shows when it shouldn’t be

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google implemented the scrollbar this way in a future version of Chrome/Chromium. :(

    I really wish Chromium would use native tabs/scrollbars/etc… too.

  12. Michael & Vadim: I just modified the hack so that the scrollbars only show up when necessary. This hack is now only 3 lines of CSS too! (:

    Users of Firefox with Stylish can just update the script.

    Everyone else needs to reinstall it. (:

  13. Rodney: Yes… It would be nice. At least they made it where it will pull in icons & colors and let you use normal window management. Better than nothing, I guess. Perhaps it’ll get there eventually. It’s still super-fast and good.

  14. Scrolling is so much faster now. This is great!

  15. Hiya, just thought I’d alert you that GW might have changed something recently, as waves now refuse to load with this script running. I am extremely thankful for your scrollbar and am sad to see it thwarted by Google.

  16. Agh, ignore the previous post, I only just saw that you already updated the script. Thanks so much!

  17. +1K

  18. Argh… broke again, bad scrollbars are back :(

  19. Too many colmmipents too little space, thanks!

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