Christkindlesmarkt photos

To celebrate this holiday season, here are a few photos I recently took of the Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt) in Nürnberg.

Nürnberg after the snow

Christmas market from above

minimalistic tree

horse touch

hot chestnuts

You can see the above in higher res on my Flickr stream (as well as all sorts of other photos), or see lots more Christmas Market pictures on my public Facebook gallery.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Years, Hanukkah, etc.!

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One Response to “Christkindlesmarkt photos”

  1. Alper KANAT says:

    Great pictures.. Made me miss Germany once again.. (been to Münster, Berlin, Köln and other cities in 2006 for 1 month) Loved your flickr gallery..

    I’ve plans to study for Open Source PhD. program in Nürnberg – Erlangen Universitaet btw.. Maybe would meet a few GNOME’rs there.. 🙂

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