One-click, part 2

You may remember when I originally redesigned the one-click installer for hackweek in 2008. Well, for this recent Novell/SUSE hackweek, I spent some time to slightly redesign  and expanded on how the one-click installer should work. Will Stephenson also started working on an implementation, too.

Here’s my new one-click mockup (click on the picture to view at full size):

The text on the page should be pretty self-explanatory. Ideally, this would be implemented in a simple graphical client using PackageKit (and PolicyKit).

I believe the openSUSE Build Service (think of it as the “Open Build Service”, since it can produce packages for all the popular distros) even supports multiple repositories in one YMP (but I may be mistaken here), so using it with the OBS would be a fantastic way to easily build your software for multiple distributions (which you can do right now) and make it a snap click for everyone to install your software. Something like this could turn the entire web into an “app store” for Linux, and software could be easier to install than on any other platform, if implemented correctly.

Thoughts? Comments?

Oh, and you can also download the SVG source (to be edited in Inkscape). It uses the Droid Sans font — be sure to have it installed.

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9 Responses to “One-click, part 2”

  1. Sandy says:

    You can make a YMP that installs from a different repo depending on your distro. At least, I’ve made one that selects from different repos for openSUSE 11.1, 11.2, and SLED11.

    I assume this can be extended to non-Suse distros, too?

  2. Livio says:

    I love it and hope it will finally be introduced on some beautiful day.

    PS It would be awesome if somebody would create GUI theme based on these SVGs 😉 .

  3. garrett says:

    @Livio: This mockup’s widgets are actually pretty close to Gilouche, which ships in openSUSE. It was the default when I made the first one-click mockup, and I think it’s still available in openSUSE 11.2 (although Sonar is the default now).

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  5. rwman says:

    Hi. Let me share some user experience.

    It always confused me, that “downloading” prograss is a part of “installing” progress. How could that be, when package is still downloading, but installation progress already halfway fo the finish. If it really is how people think things should be – then some visual info about what that would be helpful. For ex. simple indent of the “downloading” progress line relative to the “installing” one.

    And one more thing: There is a confusion between overall installation progress and currently installing package progress.

    Both problems exist in current installer version, and as i can see on this mockups.

  6. rwman says:

    Ah, maybe the true story about current installer behavior will be that problem #1 only seem to exist, because of problem #2 (overall\current progress confusion).

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