Adwaita (GNOME 3 theme) for Chrome

Like many of you, I split my time between two excellent browsers: Firefox and Chrome. Neither feels really all so native in GNOME3 — although Firefox, as it mimics GTK+2 by default, fits in just a little better. Every time I started Chrome, however, I felt a bit frustrated with how much of a sore thumb it stuck out and decided to do something about it.

Introducing the Adwaita theme for Chrome

You can have GTK+3-ish scrollbars, too…

So, go ahead and install the theme and the scrollbars.


  • Chrome’s theming isn’t too flexible, so the tabs are probably about as close as they’re going to get.
  • Due to a bug in Chrome, custom scrollbars do not work in iframes. I have made a workaround (thanks to CSS :not() magic) so that you still will have scrollbars whenever iframes need them. (This matters quite a bit for some web apps, such as Google Mail.)
  • There’s a bug in some builds of Chromium that prevent it from accessing the Chrome Web Store. The issue tracker mentions some work-around, and future builds openSUSE builds of Chromium will have the fix soon.
  • I’ve released the git repos of each on github: adwaita-chrome and adwaita-chrome-scrollbar

Unfortunately, I haven’t spent the time to make Firefox fit in a little better. It would take a bit more effort. Hopefully the Firefox GTK+3 port is coming along nicely? (:

(Alternatively, someone would score some huge hero points by making Adwaita for GTK+2 resemble the GTK+3 version, instead of Clearlooks. This would also make other GTK+2 theme using apps fit in a bit better too, such as LibreOffice.)

18 thoughts on “Adwaita (GNOME 3 theme) for Chrome

  1. Dylan

    My biggest problem with Chrome is the size of the scrollbar: it doesn’t respect the X dpi settings, and renders really narrow on my laptop screen (15″, 1920×1200). Is it possible to oversize the widgets to they look normal at higher definitions?

  2. james

    …or/and you can use the official gnome browser (epiphany), which comes out of the box with correct theming, good gnome integration, and sensible defaults. okay, occasionally there are a few issues, so i’ve got firefox handy for corner cases, but otherwise it’s 90% smooth sailing for my daily browsing.

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  5. garrett Post author

    @pulb: It’s looking nice! How does it work with tabs on top? Do you have it in a git repo somewhere (like on github)? I wouldn’t mind helping out a bit. (:

  6. pulb

    @gattett: Tabs on top look somewhat strange imho, cause in other gnome apps the menubar is always on top of a window.
    I’m planning to upload my stuff on github next weekend and report back here.

  7. pulb

    @garrett: I created a git repo here:
    All patches to the original firefox theme have been checked in incrementally.
    I’ll add current issues I noticed (e.g. unselected tabs are too small) to the bugtracker later.
    Currently one has to add theme/* to a .jar archive and replace
    /usr/lib[64]/firefox-4/omni.jar by a symlink to that archive. The goal is of course to create an installable theme archive and upload it to I guess there are some metadata files missing to achive that.

  8. stylequestion

    Anyone else think that the tabs on Chrome look better than in Adwaita?

    For some reason Adwaita’s tabs in adwaita themed applications do not look as natural to me as Chrome’s tabs do (I am talking about the diagonal edges and curved corners)

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