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iPhone, unboxed

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

Someone put a new Apple iPhone (*wink* *wink*) through the fad of an unboxing process, taking typical unboxing style photos. Cute.

Replacement parts

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

It’s official: The cost of repairing my laptop’s hinge exceeds the price of a new, better laptop!

Naturally, I’m going to use this excuse to leap to an even better laptop with higher resolution and a faster hard drive (for just a little tiny bit more money).

In the mean time, I may duct tape my old laptop’s screen back on. It’s not (yet) completely off, but it does need a little extra to hold it together for at least the next week or two.

A duct tape laptop will be the next fasion trend anyway.

Is that an iPod in my pocket or am I just getting my ears tugged?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

Having an iPod (or any other comparable music device) is great. You get to listen to the music you want to, wherever you are. There are also audiobooks and podcasts galore. (The best podcasts are heavily edited, and usually seem to currently be extensions of currently airing radio shows.)

I walk around with my iPod. I’m pretty tall. I also like deep pockets (the kind that you can keep gadgets and keys in).

Unfortunately, my new Sony replacement ear buds are too short! When I’m walking around with certain pants (with large pockets), I get my right ear tugged from time to time.

Tonight I visited the mall and check both Radio Shack and the Apple store. Neither had a small headphone cord extender; in fact, Radio Shack’s shortest is 8 feet long!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can fix the headphone cord problem?

(Keep in mind that I just bought these new headphones and I do like them when they’re not pulling on my ear.)

Thursday, March 25th, 2004

For those of you with Mac OS X, you can easily install the GIMP just like any other Mac application (once you have Apple’s X11 installed). Check out pointed it out on IRC.)

In New York

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

I’m in New York. The plane flight was nice — virtually the whole jet was comprised of Red Hatters. We had an amazing view of the snow-covered Big Apple on the descent. I would have liked to have taken a few pictures of it, but it was around the time we were supposed to have all our stuff stowed away either overhead or under our seats. The hotel is nice; it has a ‘Net connection. *smile*

Apple update

Thursday, December 11th, 2003

I went to the Apple store and dropped off my laptop again tonight. Apple is taking care of me. I’ll have a working Mac sometime next week, hopefully (this time) without any problems whatsoever. (:

Mac back. Send again?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2003

Well, I got my Mac back again. It has an all-new screen, motherboard, hard drive, and other stuff too… but the battery still has issues with reporting and does not last too long. In addition, everything randomly crashes. I get kernel faults with crash dialogs, even just starting things (even various Apple stock software) up on a fresh 10.3 install. Fun.

Do I have to send it off yet again?

I guess I’m headed back to the Apple store tomorrow. Again.

I think the people down there know me by name at this point. *Sigh*