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Desktop list for Fedora

Thursday, November 6th, 2003

I talked to Havoc and Brent about it, and they agreed that we should set up a desktop list where everything from art to user interface could be discussed. Thus, fedora-desktop-list was born into the growing family of Fedora mailing lists. (The Fedora website will be updated soon to reflect the new list.)

If you’re interested in art stuff or any other desktop related things for Fedora, then sign up and participate on the list!

How my girlfriend saved my laptop (without knowing it)

Sunday, November 2nd, 2003

The other week, I added an account to my Mac laptop specifically for Julia. Well, things went wrong after installing Panther, (Mac OS X version 10.3), and my laptop became unresponsive. Because I had previously added Julia as a user before I upgraded, I decided to log into her account and run the user administration tool. Her account is not an admin-enabled account, but from logging in using her user, I was able to add an alternate administrator account (after giving the system password), clean from any preference problem.

After adding the new administrator account, I quickly logged in using "fast user switching" (which I had also just enabled). From the temporary account, I was able to move files around (specifically the preferences) and isolate pretty much any problem. Through trial and error, I finally managed to get my computer back to a working state.

Interestingly enough, my work computer also had a similar problem and I can thank Brent for being an additional user there.

On both machines, programs would hang and crash time and time again. On my Mac laptop, the character palette would launch unrequested each and every time I logged in, too. It was almost comical, except that the system would become unresponsive, unable to even log out or shut down most of the time (getting it to do so took a long time and was sort of like a game of Russian Roulette rebooting).

I suppose that I could have booted the machines into single user mode, but rebooting each time to test that a changed worked (or not) would have been slow and aggrevating.

Moral of the story: add a user wthout much configured before (or immediately after) upgrading Mac OS X! It’s good to have another user account there just in case anything goes wrong.

So, big thanks to both Julia (for my laptop) and Brent (for the work box) for having me make users for them on my Macs. (:

Blue Ridge Parkway weekend

Monday, October 20th, 2003

This past weekend, Julia and I went to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We took pictures of the magnificent seasonal foliage color change at a few of the very impressive scenic overviews. I think I will probably wind up posting these more recent photos before going back to add the ones from my Florida trip (which, I know, I am a bit late in uploading to my photo gallery).

It was a very memorable weekend as we both had a great time near the western-most edge of North Carolina and the eastern part of Tennessee.

Photos: Two new photo sets – Arboretum Evening and Salty Dog Sunset

Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

Arboretum evening is a set of photographs I took one Thursday after work, as the sun was just starting to set.

Salty Dog sunset is during the time when I was on vacation with my family down at Longboat Key (near Sarasota), in Florida. We ate at a place called "The Old Salty Dog" on the deck over the water and witnessed a really neat sunset. My sister and I took pictures with our cameras.

Posting from my vacation

Thursday, September 4th, 2003

I just found out today that Kinko’s has Internet access! If you have a laptop, it is free too! I happen to have one of my laptops with me too, so I’m quite happy. (:

I’m currently sorting through all the email in my inbox. There’s a lot. Next up is to check work email too (…and it will be just a quick skim there).

I have taken a lot of pictures while down here, but not as many as I originally intended. I spent a lot of time with my family and the storms in the area prohibited me from taking as many as I would have liked too. Still, I think you will agree that I managed to get at least a few nice ones. (:

It’s been going great so far.I’ll be back home soon. See you all then. (:

Update 1: Yay, Sarasota weather! Lots of rain, thanks to a tropical depression.

Update 2: Kinko’s blocks some sites. Check out a screenshot. Greg, what are you doing? *smile* (Fwiw, I suggested a removal of the block on your site. Not sure if they’ll go along with my comment though…)


Monday, August 25th, 2003

There’s yet another new Canon camera in the DSLR space.

Basically, the Canon "prosumer" (second usage defn.) digital SLR family of products has been a progression as of the following:

  1. D30
  2. D60
  3. 10D
  4. 300D / EOS Digital Rebel / KISS Digital

It should be noted that everything from the D60 onward has the same megapixel rating at 6.3… The sensor hasn’t changed too much between the last few models.

The 300D is basically a 10D with less features and a lower price. The 10D is essentially a souped up D60, with more ISO settings, a faster auto-focus, and a couple little annoyances fixed. The D60 is a nice upgrade to the D30, with higher resolution (6 versus 3 megapixel). The D30 was one of the cameras which caused a few pros to start switching.

I did not mention the insanely-priced 1D and 1Ds, both of which are quite nice. I imagine it would be nice to have the 35mm sized full-frame 1Ds, but finding a place to store 11.1 megapixel images would be quite a task. I’m currently having storage constraints with my D60’s 6.3 megapixel photographs.

In Savannah

Saturday, May 31st, 2003

I made it to Savannah, safe and sound. Along the way, I endured a massive storm… there was lightning on all sides and the rain was pouring down so hard that I could barely see the road. Everyone on the road had to slow down to crawl. At one point, it was coming down so hard that I thought my windows were all going to crack and shatter. It may have been hail.

I had to dodge the obsessively large SUVs and giant big-rigs attempting to take my lane by force, brave it through the constant downpour of a forboding lightning storm, stay away from the wacky strangers in the rest areas, navigate through the stunt courses of constant construction zones, wait it out through tailgating traffic (caused by the massive monsoon-like gushing of water falling fast) — despite all the obstacles, I made it to Savannah in one piece. (:

It’ll be fun here, hanging out with my family and visiting with some of my friends in the area. I’ll take pictures too.