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The great foliage photo expedition

Friday, October 8th, 2004

On a day-long quest for some foliage photography, Tuomas, Jakub, and I visited Vermont.

Jakub and I do the “photographer showdown” thing

This morning, I picked the two of them up at their hotel and we headed off a few hours before the sun came up — the trip began at an insanely early 4 am. We first stopped at an amazing lake in New Hampshire as the first bit of light from the sunrise hit the mist-blanketed waters. We snapped a number of shots at that locatation, but were totally enthusiastic at what the rest of the day held for us, so we pressed onward toward the great green mountain state of Vermont.

Tuomas and me, standing in the midst of a Vermont field

The sights were amazing; the leaves were on fire in all the humanly imaginable shades of red, yellow, and orange blazing on the branches of the color changing trees.

Me, taking a picture

Later, we got pizza.

Myself (Garrett), Tigert (Tuomas), and Jimmac (Jakub) — taken with Jakub’s shiny new 12-24mm Sigma lens

Jakub has his gallery up already; Tuomas does also. I will have mine up soon too … watch this space.

(Photos courtesy of Tuomas and Jakub.)

Red Hat Worldwide Meeting

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

People are enjoying the Red Hat Worldwide Meeting. Some people seem to be enjoying it more than others it seems.

On Saturday, we all went to Wilmington and participated in some fun events. Guess which of the four events I wound up doing? It happened to be one where we walked around the city and took pictures, bought candy and ice cream, and enjoyed the day (the scavenger hunt). Big stretch for me, huh? *smile* We wound up winning second place too.

It’s been great to see everyone around the world. Some people I haven’t seen in a while and it has been very nice to hang out with them over these few days of food, meetings, more food, more meetings, and even more food. (:

Free as in ice cream

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004

Today is "free cone day" at most participating Ben & Jerry’s locations. Tomorrow evening is "free scoop night" at Baskin-Robbins.

Ben & Jerry’s is promoting voting whereas Baskin-Robbins is seeding reading (with new book donations to kids in need).

There’s only one Ben & Jerry’s in the area, but several Baskin-Robbins can be are sprinkled around. Hopefully there is at least one of the two businesses in your area. Go visit and celebrate these two days with some free ice cream! (Of course, then come back here and post what your favorite flavor is too. *smile*)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, January 23rd, 2004

After the second day of the expo ended, we visited Chinatown. Confetti was strewn about all over the street and people were tossing poppers all around us. It is the year of the monkey.

While in Chinatown, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant. It was tough to get something without soy, as everything, by default, came with either some form of bean curd, soy-based sauce (like soy sauce or teriyaki), or both together.

After Chinese food, we went to Little Italy where those of us who didn’t eat too much got some pizza. Yum.

Mellow Mushroom marathon

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003

Lately, it seems that whereever we go to lunch, it has been taking longer than normal. Mellow Mushroom, although a great place to eat, has been noticably slow the past few times we have visited.

Today, there was a challange made. Adrian and I went to go eat with a goal. The time to beat to get our food was 20 minutes.

As we walked in the door, he started the stopwatch function on his cell phone. The timer started counting. From the door to the non-smoking table: 45 seconds. We ordered. The time from the door to the food arriving to the table: 13 minutes. We ate. The check arrived in: 19 minutes, 59 seconds.

Now, this time there were only two of us — and we did not order pizza — but we did manage to prove that a somewhat time concious lunch could be had at the place. Also, we did go there a little later than usual, so the lunch crowd dissapated a bit.

It was tasty. Yum.

Cooking with soda

Saturday, September 27th, 2003

Evidently, you can cook with 7-UP and Dr. Pepper. "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda" (7-UP) also keeps roses blooming for 7 to 10 days, according to the DPSU "fun facts" page. Also stated: Dr. Pepper does not contain prune juice.

Evidently, you can also cook with Coke too. There’s always a Pepsi pot roast or the Pepsi cake with peanut butter frosting for you fans of Pepsi as well (although I do believe that swapping out Pepsi for Coke or vice versa should work).

One can also make Mountain Dew cake, but you have to be careful with Mountain Dew, as it is considered a "gateway beverage". (Joke)

I’m not too sure about cooking with soda, but I do really enjoy root beer floats. As far as baked goods go, I’d take brownies any day (now at least) over Pepsi cake (or any other soda-made food). After all, chocolate is good for you, right? (:

Mmmm… Chocolate.

Bizarro Garrett

Friday, September 12th, 2003

Today, my allergies flared up. I think that there’s something in the air currently. Yesterday, I had a veggie burger at a place and had a bit of reactions to it (not as much), so I immediately took some Benadryl to combat the effects a bit. With one allergy reaction, my immune system was probably out of whack enough to let the weather-inspired plant pollen get a hold of me more than it probably would have otherwise. I will try to get to the allergist as soon as I can.

On a positive side, I’m feeling much better now, after a bit of coffee, a good helping of tea, some over-the-counter Claritin, a nice hot shower, and a bit of prayer.

Anyway, lately, I have had a beard. I started growing it while on vacation, when I couldn’t find my shaving cream. So far, it’s pretty full in the amount of time I have had it.

Moving back to today in the story, my eyes were sensitive to light, so I wore my sunglasses around in the building for a while. Also due to the allergies, my voice changed to a more gravel-like, deeper sound. So there I was at work, with a beard, sunglasses, and a different sounding voice. I walked to the Red Hat Network side of the building.

Because I had been previously catching up with some things which were needed during the time I was out of town, it was probably the first time many of the RHN team saw me. Due to my changed appearance (mentioned above) and my altered voice, the guys took notice. Making reference to a funny Seinfeld episode (The Bizarro Jerry) (which was loosely based on Bizarro Superman), a couple of them started calling me "Bizarro Garrett". We all laughed at the reference.

At lunch, I ate seafood and insisted on getting everything without soy. It was a bit of a feat, as we actually went to a Japanese steakhouse, and the waitress kept trying to slip me soy in one form or another. A funny thing happened during our lunch conversation; Seinfeld was mentioned, and someone brought up the episode where Kramer started working at a company without being hired. The whole Jerry dating the "man hands" lady was mentioned too, and also talked about was how George used the picture of Jerry’s girlfriend to hang out with the models. The episode talked about was none other than "The Bizarro Jerry". How’s that for a funny coincidence?