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GUADEC has ended… and there aren’t enough pictures of jdub holding massive amounts of ice cream on Planet GNOME

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Jeff Waugh, a bunch of people from Sun, and I had a great dinner at Bella Italia in Birmingham Thursday night during the excellent (and rainy) week of GUADEC 2007.

The dessert Jeff is holding in the pictures above looked like a ton of ice cream and, indeed, it turned out to be quite a massive amount.

I’ll have more photos from GUADEC uploaded soon, as well as many from my England travels (from the week prior).

Tuomas’ neat icon-helping find

Thursday, October 27th, 2005

Today, Tuomas figured out that gnopernicus, an odd-sounding, useful accessibility tool for GNOME, can be super-useful for artists, especially those using Inkscape.

I played around with it on my ThinkPad at work today and found that shoving it to the strip on the side of my 1600×1200 screen seemed to be the most useful (outside of Tuomas’ sweet dual-head set-up), as one can maximize the Inkscape window to the side and not have an overlap.

This is really going to be super-useful when designing Tango icons.

From the Summit: Banshee

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Aaron’s Banshee presentation was totally awesome.

At first, the presentation computer (an MIT thing), caused the screen to roll up, the lights to turn fully bright — and then became a bit stubborn in doing the right thing. A few minutes later, after Aaron and Miguel (who stepped in to help), finally got the wall machine to work (after a reboot), the environmental settings started working right and the presentation went underway.

Aaron’s slides were well done and his topic (Banshee) was fascinating. It totally rocks.

After the slides, Aaron demonstrated various things Banshee can do currently and talked about where it is goind a bit more.

I think everyone in the room is really looking forward to the upcoming features in the music player. It already is quite nice, but is going to get pretty awesome soon.

By-the-way: It’s almost time for the community project website talk/BOF thing I’m going to be ringleading at 3:45 pm today.

About the laptops…

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

After Tuomas (tigert) arrived from his long plane flight, he opened up his laptop in a cube at work, resuming it from its suspended sleep. I was also in the same cube.

He then proceeded to show me something, but as soon as he pointed to it (with his finger toward the screen), the display went black. After trying all sorts of keypresses to wake the blank laptop, he decided to try to power cycle it. Weird things were happening on boot, and it would decide to either go blank or reboot at seemingly random places on start up. It even began having problems in the BIOS screen.

All of the laptop problems were eerily familiar — it was what my IBM ThinkPad was doing when I first got it. The difference was mine was on the first day and his was just this past week. Much like my laptop, his laptop’s cure is to get a motherboard replacement, so it was sent off to the service department.

Meanwhile… I also have a Mac laptop, so I have been using it while Tuomas has been using my ThinkPad (with his hard drive swapped out for mine). I don’t think he’ll get his laptop back before the conference, in around an hour…

Anyway, I just wanted to state the reason why I will have a Mac at the GNOME Summit instead of my ThinkPad.

GNOME Summit talk: Building a great community website

Friday, October 7th, 2005

At this year’s GNOME Summit, I will be giving a talk on “building great community websites” at 3:45 pm on Sunday.

I will be focusing on the content that typically should be included on a project’s website as well as discussing some of the software (blogs, wikis, CMS, etc.) which can be used to present content.

If you’d like me to cover anything in particular, please post a comment.

2005 Boston Summit

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

It’s amazing to think that the 2005 Boston Summit is right around the corner… just a week and a half away!

On creating an icon monster…

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

I fully agree with Tuomas regarding the over-use of icons everywhere.

You can, in fact, set GTK+ (and thus, GNOME) applications to not display button icons. At first it may seem a little weird (as you may not be used to it), but not having icons in the dialog buttons will probably grow on you over a short time.

Here’s what you type in a terminal (or in the run dialog entry form if you hit alt-f2 or select “Run Application…” from your main menu) to turn off the button images:

echo gtk-button-images=0 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0

(For those who may not know, it simply appends the text “gtk-button-images=0” inside a GTK+ configuration file in your home directory, which tells GTK+ to turn off button images.)

Of course, this doesn’t change everything, but it does allow you to have cleaner looking buttons on dialogs and such.

Update: Jakub has a good comment on Tuomas’ blog: “Not only will cleansing the icon noise help with usability, it will also help with artwork maintainability.” (excerpt)