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About the laptops…

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

After Tuomas (tigert) arrived from his long plane flight, he opened up his laptop in a cube at work, resuming it from its suspended sleep. I was also in the same cube.

He then proceeded to show me something, but as soon as he pointed to it (with his finger toward the screen), the display went black. After trying all sorts of keypresses to wake the blank laptop, he decided to try to power cycle it. Weird things were happening on boot, and it would decide to either go blank or reboot at seemingly random places on start up. It even began having problems in the BIOS screen.

All of the laptop problems were eerily familiar — it was what my IBM ThinkPad was doing when I first got it. The difference was mine was on the first day and his was just this past week. Much like my laptop, his laptop’s cure is to get a motherboard replacement, so it was sent off to the service department.

Meanwhile… I also have a Mac laptop, so I have been using it while Tuomas has been using my ThinkPad (with his hard drive swapped out for mine). I don’t think he’ll get his laptop back before the conference, in around an hour…

Anyway, I just wanted to state the reason why I will have a Mac at the GNOME Summit instead of my ThinkPad.

Is that an iPod in my pocket or am I just getting my ears tugged?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

Having an iPod (or any other comparable music device) is great. You get to listen to the music you want to, wherever you are. There are also audiobooks and podcasts galore. (The best podcasts are heavily edited, and usually seem to currently be extensions of currently airing radio shows.)

I walk around with my iPod. I’m pretty tall. I also like deep pockets (the kind that you can keep gadgets and keys in).

Unfortunately, my new Sony replacement ear buds are too short! When I’m walking around with certain pants (with large pockets), I get my right ear tugged from time to time.

Tonight I visited the mall and check both Radio Shack and the Apple store. Neither had a small headphone cord extender; in fact, Radio Shack’s shortest is 8 feet long!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can fix the headphone cord problem?

(Keep in mind that I just bought these new headphones and I do like them when they’re not pulling on my ear.)

Use your hands

Saturday, June 4th, 2005

The Tactapad looks like a neat, new device… but unfortunately: it doesn’t really exist (outside of a prototype) and I’d bet that it wouldn’t work with Linux. It’s also going to be way too expensive when (if?) it comes out ($1000+ is crazy).

It still is a neat idea, however.