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I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas…

Saturday, December 25th, 2004

The forecast for Cambridge calls for snow this Christmas. I’m not in the Northeast, however.

Over southern Georgia, year after year, the atmostphere wishes for a snowstorm. Temperatures near the land have a different thing in mind and typically tease the residents with a not-cold-enough — yet chilly nonetheless — briskness causing the precipitation to be sleet and/or freezing rain. It happens each Christmastime, outside of a snowfall miracle (which typically happens once a decade, on average). This Christmas seems no exception to the norm. Today, the day before the big day, very cold rain pelted down as I made my way to pick up last-minute gifts just minutes before every store in the nation closed. Tomorrow’s weather will be more of the not-too-pleasant cold showers, no doubt.

In related holiday news… while driving towards southern Georgia, major plan changes (family stuff) caused us to take a non-typical route. Heading through Atlanta (and, thus, Macon as well) instead of I-95, a meeting of some of the locals was arranged. Yes, that meant driving over to meet Trae (who has a spiffy new website design) and family on the-day-before the-day-before Christmas. It was great to see Trae, Mary, and their kids again. We had pizza and brownies and talked a while before I headed to Savannah.

I’m really tired thanks to bouncing all around the country with travel lately, so it’ll be nice to get some rest for a few days. Sleeping in is good.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photos: Macon, Downtown

Monday, January 13th, 2003

I have uploaded and posted photos of the downtown Macon area.

Jeff Alami and I walked around town while I took a few pictures of some interesting buildings and such.

I hope you enjoy this latest photo set.

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 30th, 2002

I’m currently at Trae‘s place in Macon, getting ready for his big New Year’s day bash, featuring his world-famous band, The Interference.

There are going to be a lot of people up here who have also traveled from afar, such as Jeff (aka "Zagreus") and Steve (aka "Skatters").