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Mozilla branding article

Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

Steven Garrity wrote an interesting article on Mozilla branding which you may wish to check out, especially if you happen to like Mozilla.

Three-pane Mozilla mail, in a horizontal mood

Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

At work, I have selected an alternative view for my mail client. As I use Mozilla Thunderbird, the same thing should apply for Mozilla Mail. In the preferences, you can select a three-paned horizontal view. It’s great here on my 1600×1200 desktop, but I now run the window a bit larger (almost maximized — I did have it maximized earlier, but I don’t really care for maximized windows so I just made it take up most of the screen while unmaximized). The first column is for servers, each with multiple mailboxes over IMAP. The second column is the short header display (name, subject, date, status, etc.). In the third column, the actual email resides.

Since I have switched, I have discovered that I really like this alternative view. At first, I thought I’d hate it, but it has quickly grown on me, as I can see much more of the threading in the header region and also I can see most, if not all, of an actual message without scrolling.

If you have a decently large resolution and might happen to be running some version of Mozilla for mail, I suggest that you might try this layout for a little while (a couple of days, possibly) to see if you like it. I do. It makes tracking mailing lists much better (the various Fedora lists get lots of traffic).

Update: I have uploaded an example screenshot of my mail client demonstrating the new layout. (Yes, I did a lame blur-out-the-names effect for some of the lists and folders I have.)

Revised site look

Saturday, August 16th, 2003

I have updated my website’s look. It now has more random thumbnails at the top, and I have added icons to the side area. There are also some font changes and a few other things were altered.

It should also look great on Internet Explorer, but even better on Mozilla, Safari, etc.

Note: You may need to hold down shift and click the reload button to see the site properly.

Let me know what you think of the changes. (:

Update: I’ve made it so that you can have up to seven random thumbnails displayed on a page. The number displayed depends on your resolution. I styled up some nifty CSS-fu in order to display as many as possible within a given area. Also, it displays a higher frequency of recent images towards the right, with the left becoming more inclusive of all the pictures in the gallery.

The image drop-off feature basically means that my site is works better at higher resolutions, yet it is still fully compatible with 800×600 — and even 640×480 and below. You’ve gotta love CSS. (:

Turn off automatic resizing in Mozilla

Friday, August 8th, 2003

For whatever reason, Mozilla has automatic image rescaling in the recent versions. Mozilla Navigator has a pref for this, but other Mozilla-based browsers, such as Mozilla Firebird, do not.

To turn it off, type in "about:config" in the URI bar in Mozilla and hit enter. After seeing a gigantic list of preferences, locate "browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing", double click on it, and set the value to "false". Once done, you can surf around to various places and see what the original author of the site intended.

I needed to turn it off as I view many large pictures and screenshots for work, and I want to see things at a 1:1 ratio, not some ugly-looking scaled version.

Mozilla & the spellchecker

Friday, July 25th, 2003

The third-party spellchecker for Mozilla just got checked in. This means that upcoming builds will have spell checking support, once it is turned on. It’s not turned on yet, but hopefully it will get toggled on soon… Finally! (:

Like the Phoenix/Firebird, Mozilla is reborn

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

If you haven’t seen it yet, is no longer around as it once was. The organization does not exist in its previous capacity. The Mozilla Foundation is now in its place.

So, check out the new — the front page has gotten a facelift to reflect the change.

MozillaZine has more coverage of the event.

This looks like it could be great for Mozilla as an organization and also as a browser. It should help move the browser forward at a faster pace. I believe that large community projects are really good things. (:

Browser fun: New Mozilla and Netscape releases

Monday, June 30th, 2003

In case you haven’t heard elsewhere, Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1.

(Netscape 7.1 is based off of Mozilla 1.4.)