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Muinshee, for you… thanks to Twitter and the Banshee devs.

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Quick background: Muinshee is a special UI (user interface) for Banshee, an open source music player, in the style of Muine, another open source music player. It’s really neat (if you’re a minimalistic Muine fan) because Muinshee is a mashup of Muine’s simple interface backed by Banshee-power.

How it happened: I recently sparked off a nice little tweetversation (a conversation on Twitter) about the old Muinshee teaser blog post. In a few 140-character-max back-and-forths, it went from an “oh yeah, rember that!?” moment… to getting a tip from Gabriel Burt (the guy who made the Muine UI for Banshee) himself… to me quickly tweaking Banshee’s starter script (and crudly adding 64-bit support today, btw)… and then releasing the tiny hack of a script on github‘s gist (which is the paste-and-create git repo service).

Muinshee: it's like a baby Banshee!

Like what you see? Download the Muinshee script (updated: fixed a bug. oops!) and place it in your path somewhere (the bin subdirectory in your home directory should work nicely). After that, just run “muinshee” and you’ll be in minimalistic UI play queue heaven.

Then, of course: Thank Aaron, Gabriel, and hordes of other rockstar developers for their awesomely great music player! (With the best sync’ing support around, excellent integration, podcasts, library management, etc.… you may just want to stick with the full-blown Banshee, though! *smile*)


Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Eric Larson, the rock-star co-worker (his band is Ume, which means Japanese plum), is heading back to PA to finish up school. Before he heads out, he’ll be on tour. His first stop is AS220‘s Fancy Fest (a gathering of a bunch of bands) in Providence, RI on Friday night, starting at 7:00 pm.

It should be a great time for anyone who is close enough to attend.

Is that an iPod in my pocket or am I just getting my ears tugged?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

Having an iPod (or any other comparable music device) is great. You get to listen to the music you want to, wherever you are. There are also audiobooks and podcasts galore. (The best podcasts are heavily edited, and usually seem to currently be extensions of currently airing radio shows.)

I walk around with my iPod. I’m pretty tall. I also like deep pockets (the kind that you can keep gadgets and keys in).

Unfortunately, my new Sony replacement ear buds are too short! When I’m walking around with certain pants (with large pockets), I get my right ear tugged from time to time.

Tonight I visited the mall and check both Radio Shack and the Apple store. Neither had a small headphone cord extender; in fact, Radio Shack’s shortest is 8 feet long!

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can fix the headphone cord problem?

(Keep in mind that I just bought these new headphones and I do like them when they’re not pulling on my ear.)

“Every OS Sucks”

Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Every OS Sucks is a funny music video (well, funny if you’re a computer geek). Mac OS, Windows, and Linux are all mentioned. As seen on Scoble’s web log.

Photos: building trees

Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

New photos, from my excursion in New York City with Tuomas , Jakub, and Chris.This is the first set of a few from that day.

Photo of trees.

View the whole set.

My Macless weekend, thus far

Sunday, December 7th, 2003

Well, I’m spending this weekend without my Mac PowerBook, so that means I have to make the trek to the office whenever I need to do any vector stuff (instead of telecommute), explaining why I was there this Saturday for several hours.

I got enough done so that I could come back home and work from my IBM laptop, though. (:

While at work, I tried to listen to Christmas music but discovered that most of the streams I could find were all synthpop holiday music on weak connections that would time out every couple of minutes — not what I was looking for. What happened to all of the Christmas carols and hymns? Also, does anyone know of a good Christmas station? (:

Brain itch? It may be an earworm!

Friday, October 31st, 2003

Killer earworms are best explained as those songs that get stuck in your head and keep repeating over and over. The BBC has more to say on the topic and is also aliasing it as a "brain itch".

The first link has a list of songs that, when read, may trigger your own little personal earworm. There is some interesting stuff about Mozart in the second story however. (: