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Friday = movie night!

Friday, June 13th, 2003

This Friday is movie night at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

For this week, the classic movie Airplane! will be shown.

In case you haven’t seen it, Airplane! is the stupidly funny Abrahams and Zucker brothers movie that just happens to star two characters named "Elaine" and "Kramer" and is directed by someone named "Jerry", yet it’s a total coincidence that it happens to shrare three of the four names (in one way or another) of the characters in Seinfeld. The movie has nothing to do with four friends up in New York City, but it is a comedy. It does, however, have everything to do with being hilarious and goes a long way to spoof not only air travel but several other genres along the way.

It will be fun to see the movies at the art museum again. The museum’s movie events last year were great.

Rosetta & Gutenburg – Public Domain archives

Monday, March 31st, 2003

The Rosetta Project is a website which has a large library of illustrated children’s books composed of works in the public domain. There’s no doubt that you have probably heard of many of each which are posted on the website, including: Old Mother Hubbard, Mother Goose Rhymes, Robinson Crusoe, The Ugly Duckling, and The Three Little Pigs. Many other books are also located on the Rosetta Project’s website.

I’m sure the Rosetta Project was inspired by the Gutenburg Project which is an archive of public domain literature in text form. On the Gutenburg website, you can search for Shakespeare, download all of Mark Twain’s various works, get the Time Machine by H. G. Wells (or download the audio version), or browse the recently added music section (another related site is "the Classical Music Archives").

All of the above is thanks to something called "the Public Domain", which is being artificially slowed down due to various laws. Lots of websites have stories about the semi-recent happenings, such as Salon, Wired, and the New York Times. If you would like to read more about the Bono Copyright Extension and its impacts on our culture, check out "Opposing Copyright Extension" or browse around Lawrence Lessig’s web page.

If you’re interested in placing your work in the public domain or loosening the restrictions on what can be done with things you produce, check out Creative Commons.

The public domain is a great thing. It allows people to see and hear things that they would not otherwise be able to experience, provides a great resource to draw from for derivative works, and can also be utilized as an archive of the works of the past.

It’s a jungle out there

Wednesday, March 26th, 2003

"‘Flipper’ Fights Saddam," heralds Fox News. The New York Post exclaims, "Navy Gives Dolphins a Porpoise in the War." Evidently, the Navy is using sea lions too.

No word yet from the Navy SEALs on, well, the Navy Sea Lions. Yes, seals and sea lions are different.

If you’re interested in animals helping humans (outside of war), check out helper monkies. Amazing. (View the video on that site too.)

Mow across America

Tuesday, March 25th, 2003

The adventurous Brad Hauter is currently on a trek across America. Most people do it by car, some make the trip by bike. A couple people even jog. Brad has chosen to ride his souped-up 18-horsepower lawnmower from one coast to the other.

Oddly enough, he started driving west a good way, which just adds a bunch of backtracking on his already lengthy trip. Starting out in California, he ended up visiting San Francisco where he mowed random plots of grass and was then escorted by the police to a brass quartet playing both Bach and the Star Spangled Banner. (Hopefully not at the same time.)

He will eventually wind up in New York City sometime in June. In the mean time, he has packed his trusty CD player and will be listening to Mozart and U2 (among other things) on his lengthy lawnmower-based expedition.

Check out his photos of the trip (so far) or read the diary.

Somehow I suspect that his lawnmower probably does not get great gasoline milage.

Definitely wacky.

(Not at) the LinuxWorld Expo!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2003

Okay, so I’m actually not at the LinuxWorld Expo up in New York City this year, but a few of my friends are. One of them, in particular (Steve Ruff, aka "Skatters") messaged me from the show floor to let me know that he noticed that there are no less than sixteen wireless networks where he is sitting. I mentioned that he would probably pick up even more if he wandered around the area a bit.

Currently, as I post this, he is hanging out at Ximian‘s booth, waiting for Miguel to speak about Mono.

I’m sure everyone up there is having a ton of fun, doing the whole expo thing. As for me, I’m working from home, with a sore neck and back (thanks to the accident) — but at least I have a few inches of snow on the ground! Snow! Woo-hoo!

Well, I wish I could have been up there at the expo. I’m glad that everyone up there is having a great time though (at least I’m assuming they all are…).

(If anyone is reading this from the show floor or would just simply like to talk about the expo, feel free to post a comment. *Grin*)

Update: Steve Ruff reported *live!* from New York and shared his impressions of the show this year. Included in his post are the most popular things on the show floor and news that he is planning on posting the pictures he took of the activities as they unfolded in the Javits Center. Click the link below to read more from the roving reporter, direct from his comment.

Photos: From the 2002 Fall Tour: New River, Pittsburgh, Ximian People

Friday, November 8th, 2002

The photos from my fall trip are now making their way to the website!

For your enjoyment, there are three new sets including a scenic overview of an old river in West Virginia strangely named the "New River", my travels with Stan around Pittsburgh’s downtown area, and photographs of some of the people up in Boston who are associated with Ximian, the company comitted to developing an ever-evolving open source mail suite for Linux.

The New River is a place I went white-water rafting a number of years ago. (Has it almost been a decade since?) You can check it out from the nice overlook I took the pictures from where I recently returned to shoot the fast-paced river.
[ view all ]

Pittsburgh is a fun place to visit, especially when you have the ever-witty Stan lingering around. The city has lots of great skylines to take advantage of when shooting photographs. It’s also a great place to go boating, see lots of reflective buildings, or ride an old miner’s cart up a hill. Whatever you do, please stay away from the terribly poisonous gigantic metal bugs who know how to open doors. (Okay — so they’re fake, thankfully! *smile*)
[ view all ]

Ximian people like to hang out around the exteriors of restaurants, play with wireless communication gadgets, and shoot pictures with digital cameras, all while looking suave and secretly ironic. If you look close, you might see me cheezing it up in a blurry shot or two.
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Of course, I have several other photographs from my road trip which I’m planning on posting soon. These are just a select few sets uploaded out of chronological order. I’ll fill in the gaps with glimpses of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall, sights around northern New York state, scenery from Vermont, and more visual excerpts from my recent vacation. Check back often and stay tuned… (:

Photos: On the Road to Philadelphia

Wednesday, February 27th, 2002

Early in the morning (on Feburary second), before the sun rose, I left the city of New York and began my drive to Philadelphia. I took a few pictures on the drive down there, quite a bit more while walking around Philly, and a few more while visiting the art museum.

A few notable photos are:

There are many other interesting pictures too, but you have to check out the photo archive to see them all.

Enjoy the pics.