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Stuck in New York

Sunday, January 25th, 2004

A large ice storm moved in to the Raleigh area, so the airport is closed until further notice. This leaves a few of us who planned on leaving tonight (Sunday) stranded in New York city. The weather is supposed to continue for the next couple days and move up here to New York. When it is done in North Carolina, the snow is supposed to fall here. We may not be home until Thursday.

Of course, things may work out somehow where we could be flying home tomorrow. We shall see.

Droppin’ possums

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

A town in North Carolina (Brasstown), in celebration of bringing in the new year, drops a possum. Suddenly, Raleigh’s giant acorn doesn’t look so strange.

Update: Thanks to PETA, the town had tofind a replacement (road-kill) possum. The guy behind the New Years possum has a website too.

At leastthe North Carolina Mount Olive Pickle Drop went on without a hitch.

Blue Ridge Parkway weekend

Monday, October 20th, 2003

This past weekend, Julia and I went to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We took pictures of the magnificent seasonal foliage color change at a few of the very impressive scenic overviews. I think I will probably wind up posting these more recent photos before going back to add the ones from my Florida trip (which, I know, I am a bit late in uploading to my photo gallery).

It was a very memorable weekend as we both had a great time near the western-most edge of North Carolina and the eastern part of Tennessee.

Coastal web cams

Tuesday, September 16th, 2003

Thanks to modern technology, you can watch Isabel make her way inland. Right now, there are dark clouds and the shores are starting to become choppy. Keep checking the cams I list below and you’ll be able to watch the hurricane make landfall, provided that the cams don’t get blown away and also that both ‘Net access and a power supply are still intact for each camera.

There are typically a number of other web cams near the edge of the state, but several of them have been recently shut down (go figure). The ones above will most likely be up during the storm and should be interesting to watch as Isabel creeps closer to the North Carolina coast.

Also of interest: Isabel computer model forecasts

Photos: Triangle Metro Zoo

Sunday, August 10th, 2003

Last Sunday, I took a drive around the farmlands east of Raleigh for a few hours. I eventually ended up near the Triangle Metro Zoo (not to be confused with the one over in Asheboro, which I also have pictures for — the Triangle Metro one has lots of cages where the North Carolina Zoo is mostly cage free, with large plots of land), and I had my camera with me, so I decided to visit it. The result is a collection of photographs which I have just made available for viewing on my website, in the photo gallery area.

A more direct link is: the Triangle Metro Zoo set

There are many neat pictures of zebras, llamas, camels (there’s a very rare white camel pictured even), birds, and other various animals.

Photos: Zoo, North America

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

I have just posted photos from my latest trek to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. This set is from the "North America" side of the place. There are lots of great pictures within, so be sure to check the set out.

View pictures from the Zoo, North America

I will post the "Zoo, Africa" pictures (the first half — this is the second half, first) soon. Stay tuned…

PS: I love the picture of the sea lion looking up. (:

Picture taking, rain or shine

Friday, June 20th, 2003

This morning, I woke up before the sun rose. I managed to get out of the house a little later, around six in the morning. I had my trusty camera at my side. It was overcast, but I did not let that stop me; I was on a mission to snap a few photographs.

As I drove towards Jordan Lake to catch the morning light, the clouds in the sky burst. The weather went from dull and dreary to a torrential downpour. I was driving in a sudden North Carolina monsoon.

When the rain mostly let up a couple hours later, I ventured to park and take a couple pictures. "No parking" signs littered the roadsides. I decided to drive to a recreational facility on the lake and rest my car in a parking space within its vicinity.

"Four bucks?!" The guy had to be kidding. All I could do was repeat myself, "You want four bucks for me to park? Four bucks to park out here in the middle of nowhere? Just for a couple minutes?" It was pretty crazy. I could justify the money if I was going to stay there all day and if I was hauling my very own boat to go speed racing on the lake, but to stop and play the part of a shutterbug for a few minutes — well, the price definately was not worth it. "Well, if you want four bucks, I’m going to drive a bit forward and turn around." I did precisely that. I left feeling somewhat cheated out of an opportunity for a photo-taking experience. Nowhere near that area was there a place to legally park. I know I missed a few decent shots this morning.

If it is any consolation, I managed to have my camera with me when I spotted a truck with a very unusual sticker on its rear window. I’ve seen many like it in the past, but with either the letters "LNX" or "OBX", short for "Linux" and "Outer Banks", respectively. One has to wonder if those three letters are referring to the same three in recent news… Anyway, I thought it was quite odd.

Hopefully this upcoming Saturday morning will lend a bit more hospitible weather for photography. *smile*