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Photos: downtown Raleigh and the first signs of spring

Monday, March 15th, 2004

Yesterday, when taking pictures (and enjoying the wonderful warm weather), I first visited the downtown area of Raleigh and later went to the arboretum to see if any plants had decided to sprout. Below, you can find the remaining two sets of photographs from this past Sunday afternoon.

  1. snapshots of downtown Raleigh
  2. the first signs of spring

(The second one has lots of really neat pictures.)


Photos: statue of soldiers in Raleigh

Monday, March 15th, 2004

I took a few pictures yesterday. Early this morning before work (around 7 or so), I uploaded and posted a few of the pictures to my website. You can see the photos of the soliders near the capitol.

Watch for more pictures from yesterday coming sometime soon.

Strange events near Baja Burrito

Thursday, March 11th, 2004

As a few of us from work were driving towards Suchi for lunch (it was either that or Udipi, another Indian restaurant). We looked over towards the parking lot of Baja Burrito to see that the lot was empty, blocked off by yellow police tape, and there were tons of police cars lining the roadside. Lots of officers outside were walking around and talking. Something definitely was going on.

It turns out that someone was on drugs and decided to rob a nearby Mission Valley store for some cigarettes and booze. Police promptly arrived. A scuffle ensued. The man had a drug-induced seizure. The authorities rushed him to the local hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

News coverage:

Crazy stuff.

Recent commuting to Red Hat

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Curious as to what my commute to Red Hat has been recently? A certain recent comic strip looks like the roads in Raleigh. *Bump*bump*bump*

Slip and slide, airline edition

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Brent, Tammy, and I flew back Monday after two previous flight cancellations. The flight was plagued with turbulence most of the way back, especially once we were nearing Raleigh. We also couldn’t see anything for much of the duration in the air as we were traveling in clouds most of the way.

Our landing, however, was the big deal. We were barely over the runway when visibility returned. Everyone was staring out the windows to see what was below. Underneath us was the landing strip, but directly above the runway was a thick layer of solid ice.

People were panicking — there were a few screams and a several people’s hearts raced as we made our approach. The aircraft touched down to the start of a bumpy landing, only to be followed up by a long slide as the plane lost control and began rotating towards the left as we slid down the icy runway. After it started sliding sideways, it began to roll to the left as well. People were panicking even more.

Thankfully, the pilots were able to regain control of the plane and set it upright and straight, but in stopping, we continued to skid with loss of control.

It was very a very stupid thing for American Airlines to fly (and land) in those conditions. Our plane almost crashed thanks to the airline’s irresponsible decision to fly in such severe weather.

I’m glad we all were fine after such an event. I know for a fact that several people on that plane were earnestly praying, and I’m glad that our prayers were answered with a lucky landing (we were very close to a crash).

Flight or frightful weather?

Monday, January 26th, 2004

We were rebooked for the 1:30 pm plane leaving today. It was also canceled. We have rescheduled for a later plane, but it looks as though there’s a strong likelihood that it too will be canceled as well, which would mean that we would have to be here another night. There is a chance that this later plan may not be canceled, but the weather conditions in RDU look frightful.

For what it’s worth, AccuWeather’s map of flight delays is interesting… I wonder how accurate it is, however.

Stuck in New York

Sunday, January 25th, 2004

A large ice storm moved in to the Raleigh area, so the airport is closed until further notice. This leaves a few of us who planned on leaving tonight (Sunday) stranded in New York city. The weather is supposed to continue for the next couple days and move up here to New York. When it is done in North Carolina, the snow is supposed to fall here. We may not be home until Thursday.

Of course, things may work out somehow where we could be flying home tomorrow. We shall see.