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Bits of Tango clarification

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Slashdot got it nearly right, but a bit wrong: the Tango Project is about unifying the Open Source desktop, but it isn’t by Steven Garrity and Jakub Steiner alone. Steven and Jakub presented it at the GNOME Summit in Boston over the weekend, but Rodney Dawes, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Anna Dirks (site currently down), and myself all had a lot to do with making it a reality. A few others helped out along the way too, such as Trae McCombs.

In addition, Tuomas recently posted on his blog a bit more about Tango: Remember, Tango is not “yet another theme”, what I am even more interested in is to really look outside our “Gnome/KDE/Whatever” sandbox and try to fix the overall user experience on “Linux Desktop” – we need to co-operate really. Unified look and feel is one step in that direction, and a logical one for me as an artist.

Also of note is Steven Garrity’s post and Jakub Steiner’s post.

Tango Project!

Monday, October 10th, 2005

In addition to BetterDesktop, the Tango Project has finally been announced!

The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces.”

A few Tango-style icons

Jakub has a great post which explains Tango more in-depth.

On creating an icon monster…

Thursday, September 15th, 2005

I fully agree with Tuomas regarding the over-use of icons everywhere.

You can, in fact, set GTK+ (and thus, GNOME) applications to not display button icons. At first it may seem a little weird (as you may not be used to it), but not having icons in the dialog buttons will probably grow on you over a short time.

Here’s what you type in a terminal (or in the run dialog entry form if you hit alt-f2 or select “Run Application…” from your main menu) to turn off the button images:

echo gtk-button-images=0 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0

(For those who may not know, it simply appends the text “gtk-button-images=0” inside a GTK+ configuration file in your home directory, which tells GTK+ to turn off button images.)

Of course, this doesn’t change everything, but it does allow you to have cleaner looking buttons on dialogs and such.

Update: Jakub has a good comment on Tuomas’ blog: “Not only will cleansing the icon noise help with usability, it will also help with artwork maintainability.” (excerpt)

Industrial theme ver. 1.0.11 for Firefox

Tuesday, December 21st, 2004

I’ve addressed several requests; modified icons, and fixed the right-mouse-button click on download dialog crash in the most recent version of the Industrial theme for Firefox. Enjoy!

Update: I have fixed the install.rdf within the theme so that it states the correct version. Sorry about that! (:

New Industrial Firefox theme version: Priority text and other nice little things

Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

I spent a little while this past evening working on a revision of the Industrial Firefox theme.

The quick list of little changes:
* Priority text for the back icon (as talked about earlier) – this only takes effect if the widgets are in icon-only mode and also set to the small size
* Better padding for the back and forward widgets
* Margin fixing for the toolbar search box – this fixes a too-large bar for both the toolbar and the menu if the search entry is placed in either
* Gnome looking “X” on tabs, if you happen to have TabX installed.

You can grab the latest Industrial (version 1.0.9) from the usual location.

Please note that recent versions of the Industrial Firefox theme require at least Firefox 1.0 to function properly.

By-the-way: If you are using TabX and want to make the default “X” go away, add .tabs-closebutton-box {display: none !important;} to your userChrome.css file (which can be easily edited through the chromEdit extension).

Firefox 1.0!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

Firefox is now 1.0!

* There’s a new start page over at Google.
* I’ve updated the Firefox Industrial theme to 1.0.6.

Industrial for Firefox: 1.0.4 1.0.5

Friday, November 5th, 2004

This version of Industrial for Firefox should work much better with the latest version of Firefox. It should hopefully fix problems with the previous version of Firefox and it has a few new little features as well.

Please note that you must be running one of the latest builds for this to work properly. As a result, I have kept the previous version on the website.

Go to the download page for “Industrial for Firefox”

Update: 1.0.5 is now available — the file selector is fixed (plus a few related tiny tweaks to make it better went in).