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New photos!

Two new photo galleries: Witness the nice seasonal colors of the leaves in Leafing Tahoe and check out part of my trip across the U.S. in the South Western Desert.


Made the drive across country and now I am home. I will be posting pictures soon. I have some cool ones from Death Valley, California (happens to be the both the hottest and lowest elevation of dry land on the Earth). Stay tuned…

“Linux: A Good-Looking Geek Magnet”

Well, Fox News has a nice litte story on Linux. It has screenshots, and even quotes Greg. It’s a pretty neat read.Best part is that they feature some of my themes… and even a screenshot of my desktop!


Well, I’m moving across the country. Expect some really cool pics soon. I’ve taken a few right before I moved, and, of course, several on the drive so far. I will upload them when I have bandwidth… (Right now, the phone line here in the hotel is so bad that...

So, what’s up?

My Internet connection (AT&T @Home) has been down since Wednesday, October 11th. To top it off, my laptop wouldn’t work until yesterday (had to do some kernel modification and a little jumping through hoops).Anyway, I am still alive and doing well, and very happy I have some method of getting...

New, and a nice poll to boot! has an awesome new look (just like many other subsites, thanks to Artwiz). In addition, they have a great poll on whether Premier should be the default look for GTK+ in the future. Go there. Vote “yes”. You know you want to. *smile*

Playing with colors.

Just playing around with the colors and look of the site slightly. Got bored of the old color scheme and stuff.

Updated GTK+ themes!

I’ve updated Adept, Adept-Premier, and Premier. I’ve made all of them compliant with the method Mozilla sets backgrounds so that each provides a white backgound for forms in Mozilla. In both Premier and Adept-Premier, the bug fix landed in respect to Galeon and input scrollers… They’re now legible (a good...

New layout for!

Now you get to see why I’ve been so busy at work for a while now… now has a new layout! It rocks (but I’m a little biased! *g*)

Photos in wilderness!

Went hiking in “Desolation Wilderness” (and took a lot of pictures). The total elapsed distance of the hike was around six or seven miles, with a lot of slope to hike up. Anyway, enjoy the pics!