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Sunday drive

I decided to take off and head out of town to take a few pics. It was pretty fun. I drove for most of the day, and took a nice amount of pictures, but I should’ve taken more. Anyway, a lot of them turned out very nice, and you can...

Air show?

I joined Trae and Mary to watch an air show at Korey and Jeff’s place. They invited us over to sit on their roof to watch the planes fly overhead. We heard a lot a planes, but mainly saw just air (and a few far-off planes). We still had a...

Sawmill… fish?

So I visited Sawmill today. It’s a fishing pond on Sawmill Road (named after the lake, I suppose). I brought my camera along for the trip and snapped up stuff all around.It was a good “detachment” from what happened earlier today.Enjoy the pics.

Happy birthday to me.

I needed to drive somewhere today, and do stuff. Where and what are irrelevant; the important event is what I discovered when I got to my car.Apparently someone had broken into my car, to steal my radio / cd player. Along with it, they pilfered my whole cd collection (which... climbs!

New photos of us and staff members climbing around Lover’s Leap.


Yes, you can now search the news here. Thanks to David (aka Technoir), as I based my searching functions off the stuff he did for Trae.

Two new sets of images!

Two new sets of photos — both from the same morning! First, since I woke up early, I decided to take some pictures of the sunrise around the lake. Afterward, I drove around a bit and found a neat waterfall area. Enjoy the pics!

Truckee River

Well, last Saturday, I went to take pictures and ended up photographing the Truckee river.View the pics.