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Galeon is a nice browser for Gnome using the GTK+ toolkit. It has all the basics, and it’s really fast. How have they made so much headway so quickly? It embeds the Mozilla browser using “gtkmozembed”.Anyway, I managed to compile this by extracting the headers from Mozilla and by doing...


Just wait until you see the flyers for at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. I was finishing them up today. They are going to rock! Make sure you stop by the booth at the show. It’s barely two weeks away now.

Rushing river, onward to printer!

I had to drive down to Roseville to pick up a printer. I stopped to take a few pictures, of course. I saw (and heard!) a rushing river and its surroundings. The “city” sign proved that only a small few lived in the area.On a more solemn note, I found...

Sunset on Lake Tahoe

I took pictures of a very colorful sunset on the lake. During the middle of the photos, I ran into another snake. Luckily, it just slithered into the shubbery and down the hill.Check out the pics!

River valley, home of the snakes.

Well, I went to Carson River Valley today, and snapped up the place with my camera. It was an adventure… I even ran into a snake that “jumped” into the water and began to swim off (thankfully). I also happened to spot a pool of small fish and a larger,...

Pie Shop, revisited.

Trae and I took a return trip to Pie Shop. He climbed to the top while I snapped a few nice pics this morning. All-in-all, it was a wonderful day with a great breeze and an excellent view.

New (sort of) photo galleries!

When cleaning up my photo directory (while making the new gallery browser), I discovered that I had a few lingering galleries that weren’t “posted”. They include: In New York,GTK+ Lights,and Pie Shop.Enjoy!

New photo set browser!

That’s right! I made a new photo set browser. As a result, I had to rename a few directories. Anyway, it looks a lot better, so check it out!

Photo Attack!

Okay, I’ve posted TWO new sets of photos. They’re on the photo pages, or you can visit the Jackson City Trip or my drive to Lake Tahoe’s north shore by clicking on the appropriate links within this news item. *g*

Playing with the camera

So I got my camera back today (err… yesterday now, it seems *grin*). Anyway, I went over to Trae’s and had a nice dinner with him and his wife, Mary.While visiting, I fixed up his website directory indexing to be strikingly similar to my own. *g*Something you would find more...