I’ve updated Adept, Adept-Premier, and Premier. I’ve made all of them compliant with the method Mozilla sets backgrounds so that each provides a white backgound for forms in Mozilla. In both Premier and Adept-Premier, the bug fix landed in respect to Galeon and input scrollers… They’re now legible (a good thing).

Adept, the rc file GTK+ theme, now has customizable colors. It has a script called “highlight_color.sh” which, suprisingly enough, changes the highlight color to one specified on a command line. If no color is given on the command line, then it will revert back to the default color. Also note that you should omit the octothorpe (aka: hash, pound, number symbol, tic-tac-toe sign, that little doodad above the “3”, etc.) when specifying the sextuplet hex number (same thing that you use when specifying “web” colors).

Go ahead and update the themes on your computer! You can find links to each on the left side of LinuxArt.com’s main page.