I’m back! …and I have a lot of cool pictures.

Unfortunately, @Home (through Comcast) has imposed an extremly evil upload cap. Now, I have the ability to download around 300 – 400k/s, but can only upload at a measly 15k/s! Ick!

To make matters worse, uploading oversaturates my connection now, so that I can only upload. It renders interactive sessions (ssh, etc.), web browsing, other uploads, and anything else networked totally useless. In addition, since it’s only a meager 15k/s, it now takes all day to upload a set of pictures instead of a matter of minutes, so the networked pain is extended exponentionally.

It got so bad the last time I uploaded some photos that I had to resort to dial-up for the day so that I could get work done. Extremely ridiculous; it should be unnecessary.

Anyway, I intend on getting the pictures up as soon as I can, but just wanted to let you all know what is up. I’m going to complain to the company again when I can. (It’s a little late here today for that now)