I’m back from “sunny” Florida, where it nearly rained non-stop, due to a tropical storm. At least this time there wasn’t a tornado that ripped through everything that caused highway havoc and mass destruction across the city of Orlando. It still was a pretty good storm, though. Of course, it was not only great because of the lightning endowed sky or the gigantic booms of thunder, but it also had a side effect of producing diminished lines all across the tourist capital of Florida.

Believe it or not, I didn’t take too many pictures. I do have a few, but they’re mostly of family and some close-ups of my car.

Why did I take some strange close-ups of my car? Well, someone hit it in the night while I was sleeping and took off. It now has a dent in the back door, passenger side. Sigh. I guess I couldn’t keep it new forever.

Apart from that, I have a few pics that I’ll probably round up and post. A few are of this really cool fish from an oriental restaraunt that we went to; some others are a few miscallaneous table furnishings after eating from the China Jade $7.95 all-you-can eat Mongolian BBQ, Sushi, Chinese and Japanese food bars, salad & fruit bar, ice cream, and everything else cool that they could think of buffet. It was great. Other than that, however, I wasn’t much of a shutterbug. I guess I was busy resting.

The other memorable moments included chatting with extended family, and the food. Wow; the culinary experience was intense during most every meal. Apart from the massive China Jade all-encompassing buffet — other highlights included Mythos at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure and the world-famous Chart House line of establishments (specifically the one in Jacksonville, on the way back).

Anyway, it was actually a nice vacation. Not very “productive”, but nonetheless nice. (: