So… I went bowling the other night.

Normally, I throw the ball super-fast and fierce. People always comment on the force I use to hurl the heavy object down the alley. Anyway, the big joke has always been that I should be a little less forcefull when heaving the bowling ball down the lane, or I might break it.

Well, last weekend, I broke a ball near the end of the game. It wasn’t just a little nick off the side, but a major crack and a huge chunk of bowling ball fell off somewhere at the back of our lane. I had been getting a few strikes and such, but the last frame, with the chip missing (why replace the ball at the end?), it was headed for the frontmost pin when it hit the gap in the ball and suddenly veered off course.

Anyway, I never really seriously thought I would chip a ball. It ended up looking like Fred Flintstone’s rock of a bowling ball.

I should have taken pictures… too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.