First off, I have updated my site’s background. It’s based off the same picture, but I think I like these colors better (for now).

Second, I’d like to point out a bunch of cool things happening in Mozilla-land. It seems that both MozillaZine and MozillaNews have been a bit slow with news items lately, so I figured I might as well point out these nifty things here.

Blizzard has made some nifty patches to Mozilla which enable nice fonts the correct way, instead of the commonly used hack. Because of this, it may finally go into Mozilla officially. Woohoo! Blizzard has also been busy porting Mozilla to GTK+ 2 as well. Very nifty.

Also seen in the Mozilla scene: Mozilla is getting native-looking widgets. This isn’t exactly brand-new news, but it is rather recent (it’s not turned on by default in GTK+ Mozilla builds… yet), and hopefully the next Milestone will have both new improvements. Mozilla 1.0 really should have both.

In related news, two new versions of Galeon came out the other day. I’m running the “unstable” version which allows one to do gesture support (which totally rocks), has a native Javascript console, introduces the page info dialog, showcases new icons, and includes auto-apply settings. This isn’t even paying tribute to the plethora of minute changes which include other minor features and the routine bug squashing.

By-the-way: I do have lots of pictures yet to post. I’ll try to upload soon.