Last night I went to code site preferences for I created a theming system for my site and implemented a few themes as well. Two of the the themes are totally original (the “Leaf” and “Blahg”) while the other two are parodies of some other famous sites (“Slash” is Slashdot lookalike; “Moz” resembles “”).

In addition, I have also added name and e-mail remembering capabilities under the preference area which shows up when you are posting comments.

In case you are wondering, I made all of the themes using XHTML and CSS using my favorite text editor, Vim — and the graphics are, of course, done in the Gimp. I plan on making more site themes in the future as well.

Note: You do need to have cookies enabled, but you don’t need to log in or register to anything.

Enjoy the new features, and be sure to leave comments! (: