I finally did it. I bought two 128 megabyte smartmedia memory cards for my camera.

The largest storage I have for my camera (at this time), a 64M smartmedia card, has been more than a little limiting. Granted, I have a 32M and also an 8M that still work too, but I have to periodically transfer my images to the laptop. With more storage, I will not have to do that as often.

I visited NewEgg.com and purchased two 128M smartmedia cards, each at 40 American dollars. Here, in town, BestBuy was asking a whopping 99 bucks while Staples had a “new, reduced price” of 79 and some change. Wal-Mart has a nice deal on their website, with a single card costing a flat 57, but the stores here in town carry nothing larger than a 32M card. Luckily, the Internet is easily accessable and makes purchasing hard-to-find items less expensive, and actually possible, in many instances.

Anyway, I can’t wait until the cards arrive. Both should be here within a week, and I will definately post about the the little things, once the items are in my hands. Having these larger capacity cards will allow me to venture around different places without much worry of filling up my camera’s storage too quickly.