Yesterday, as I was driving in my apartment complex, I saw something in the road crawling in front of my moving car. I slowed down and then stopped. It was slowly moving across the road. I left my car running and hopped out to see a little tortoise determined to get to the other side.

Another car was approaching, and they also stopped when they saw that my car was stationary and that I was outside of it. I bent down and reached for the tortoise which then retreated into its shell. I picked up the panicked little thing and started walking to the edge of the road. In my hands, it popped out of its shell and started wriggling, attempting to get free. I kept a firm grasp on it until I got over to the side of the road where lush, green grass and a little stream were located. I let the tortoise go upon arrival and it crawled off.

Whether it is rabbits, tortoises, bears, wolves, or pets, such as cats and dogs, there always seems to be plenty of animals that like to interact with me face-to-face, outside wherever I live.

The question remains, though: Why did the tortoise cross the road? Was there a chicken shortage?