I made it back to Raleigh safe and sound.

Bad news: Everything malfunctioned. My camera was giving me errors (“Error 01”), my cell phone stopped working for a number of days (and when it did work, I was on a super-expensive roam), my new laptop‘s backlight for the display died so I could not see anything on the screen (still that way too — I have to send it in yet again, as I have already sent it in and it got the motherboard and other parts replaced — it was supposed to get the screen replaced last time too, but they failed to fix that despite the dozen or so bad pixels — maybe the screen will be replaced this time. Sigh; more time without my laptop…), and my car also had multiple issues (ran out of windshield wiper fluid, it mysteriously reported that a bulb went out (and I couldn’t find out which one), then “another” bulb went out (but I can now see that the “second” one is actually the front headlight), and the service light came on (which is a pre-programmed light to remind me to take it in to the dealer for a check-up… maybe I can take it in and they can fix all the before mentioned anyway… heh)).

Good news: I managed to take time off, see a lot of things, travel to many places north of here (including Canada), meet up with a lot of cool people (lots of people including ravskel and x-virge in Pittsburg; Nat, Miguel, Duncan, Dobey, Amy, Ben, and many others (mostly Ximian people) in Boston, and mmarker in Amherst), and take a lot of good pictures (which I will post soon). (:

Even better news: I made it back safe. (: