My new laptop is still off in Apple-la-la Land. I still haven’t heard anything about it, nor has it made its way back to me. It has been a week now. This is the second time I had it shipped off. The first time, I had them fix several problems already.

In the mean time, here’s an interesting page: “Why most people should buy a Macintosh“A quote of the list on that page is below (my comments are in [brackets]):

  • are much easier to set up […when things work right]
  • are (still) easier to use [more-or-less]
  • have a graphic user interface which is more customisable

    [Apple has been locking down as much as they have been able to lately]

  • are more stable and break down less often

    [If my laptop is any indication… eek.]

  • are easier to fix when they do break down

    [If this was true, I wouldn’t have had to necessarily ship it off and wait a while — there might have been someone in town to repair it or I would have at least been able to swap out parts if it was a part that was easily able to be swapped out]

  • have plenty of software available [this is true — including Illustrator among others]
  • are (virtually) free of viruses [just like Linux! *smile*]
  • are cheaper to buy and maintain!!

    [not really true]

Despite the laptop’s shortcomings, it is prety nice, and I would like it back soon. Right now I’m using my loud, slow IBM laptop that drains batteries in around an hour or so. Luckily, I have a power supply handy.