In case you’re wondering where in the world North Carolina may be, has a handy map, in case you get really lost. You can download a PDF of it, too. My favorite part is the handy hand pointing at the highlighted area. It’s great. You can’t miss it.

Luckily, the site is a useful in other ways, too. I discovered that “The Hobbit”, in a play form, is going to be shown in Salisbury, NC this weekend. I wonder if it is anything like the music video (stars Leonard Nimroy, encoded in Quicktime format).The same place is also putting on “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”, by Judy Blume — also a book to play translation. You probably remember the book as a precursor to “Super Fudge”.

I was planning on doing something this Saturday; something like taking pictures of random stuff in a random nearby location (most likely the color-changing leaves somewhere in Raleigh, Durham, or the surrounding areas) — but it looks like it might rain instead. Fun. Hopefully the forecast is wrong and it will be a nice day for expeditioning, else I might have to do something else instead.

Oh, if you live in North Carolina (or even semi-close-by), you really need to check out the map linked at the top of this post. You’ll get a kick out of it. (: