I just saw the most recent Lord of the Rings at a midnight preview showing. It rocked. You’ll want to watch The Two Towers when you get a chance. If you thought the first one was good, you will probably like this one even more.

It was a great story chocked full of action and each scene was handled with such delicate care to ensure a constant-streaming visual extravaganza of cinematography. Throughout the storyline, viewers connected with the main characters as they trekked through the landscape, fought the forces of evil, and (almost to a cliche) seemed to be goners, yet miraclously survived each own’s most trecherous fate. Smeagol (aka Gollum) was a convincing character and was a tastefully done CG character. The audience definately connected with the little ring-craving monster during the scenes of inner turmoil and also throughout each comedic moment he provided.

Speaking of CG characters, I found the battle scenes with the rendered Orcs quite impressive.

Okay, it’s quite a bit late here, so I really need to head off to sleep now. (: