I have started work to overhaul my website at least a little bit. In doing what I have done already (all in a mostly isolated development space), I am realizing that the themes I currently have will hinder efficient progress. I am contemplating the removal of the theme feature in the next revision of the site.

Now, that being said, I would not set up my site in such a way that the ability to select different skins for my site would never make a comeback; it is simply a matter of priority. Would you rather have me flesh out new features, fix bugs, and work on cleaning up the source for this site that I have worked on, in my spare time, for a few years now or is switching themes such a killer feature that I should carefully keep all of the current skins up-to-date with all the changes I make?

Personally, I would rather ditch the skins I have now, archive them, and when I have the site worked on a bit, port them over to the new version. I’m merely asking this to see what you, the readers of my site, think about the topic.

Does anyone use the different themes or does everyone stick with the default? If you do like the themes, which are your favorite? Would you mind the site switching over to an entirely different look and feel, with the possibility of some sort of theme set arriving in the future?